Are You Ready To Live a Healthier Life With Manulife Vitality?

Are You Ready To Live a Healthier Life With Manulife Vitality?
Health insurance can help you manage healthcare expenses while protecting your budget and lifestyle. Manulife Vitality helps you save money too while living a healthier life.

Health insurance helps you prepare for unexpected healthcare costs like out-of-pocket healthcare costs for prescription drugs, dental care, visits to a therapist or even nursing care. It provides real peace of mind with financial protection if an unexpected illness or accident happens. Health insurance also covers ‘health maintenance’ costs, like regular dental care – and that makes health insurance a ‘good sense’ choice for everyone.

And here is some great news. If you sign up and make Manulife’s Vitality part of your health insurance choice you get peace of mind, day-to-day healthcare support plus help with improving your health — and you get rewarded for it too!

Improve your health and save?

Somehow, we’ve convinced ourselves that being healthy is some unrealistic thing reserved for the ‘6am running-before-work’ overachievers. But that’s just not true. Health is something we can all have. The trick is embracing it little by little.

Vitality is a program built with your health in mind. And it helps you make little changes today that will have a real effect on your health tomorrow. And not only will it help improve your lifestyle, but you’ll also earn rewards for the healthy choices you make along the way. So, the healthier you become, the more money you can save.

Not sure which Vitality plan is right for you?

Get Manulife Vitality with any Flexcare® and FollowMe™ Health & Dental plan for just $5/month.


Whether you need an all-around health and dental plan or targeted protection in a specific area, Flexcare provides affordable, flexible coverage for

  • Prescription drugs
  • Dental care
  • Vision care
  • Registered specialists and therapists
  • Other extended health care services

Flexcare plans pay a portion or all eligible health-related expenses either by cheque or direct deposit into your bank account.

If there are gaps in your coverage – big or small – Flexcare plans can give you confidence, you’ll be able to afford whatever care you need. Your coverage is portable, which means it goes with you as you change jobs or even if your health changes. It’s available no matter when you decide you need it, from age 18 when you may exit your parents’ coverage, during work transitions throughout your life, and even into your 60s and 70s. You can protect the ones you love and get special rates if your family has three or more children.


When you lose health and dental benefits at work or your family plan – whether you leave, lose your job, or retire, get divorced or lose your spouse – FollowMe plans can help keep you protected. You must apply within 90 days of the date your benefits end. When you do, your coverage is guaranteed with no medical questions. You plans can cover

  • Prescription drugs
  • Vision care
  • Registered specialists and therapists
  • Other extended health care services
  • And dental care.

FollowMe plans pay a portion or all eligible health-related expenses either directly by cheque or direct deposit into your bank account.

With workplace benefits, you didn’t have to pay the full amount for many health-related costs. That’s why FollowMe plans help keep you protected from a wide range of out-of-pocket expenses.

The Flexcare or FollowMe plan you choose will reimburse you for many routine and unexpected health-related expenses that may not be covered by your government health insurance.

Getting started on your health journey (and savings) is simple

With Vitality, you get the opportunity to earn rewards – all while improving your physical health and having a positive impact on your mental health and wellness.

Set up your Vitality member profile and set your goals. Everyday activities like walking the dog, going to the gym, and completing online nutrition courses will earn you points.

The more active you are the more Vitality Points™ you can earn and use for your rewards like these:


Once enrolled as a Manulife Vitality member you can receive a free wearable Garmin device and enjoy exclusive Manulife Vitality member upgrade prices on the latest wearable devices from Garmin.

Apple Watch

Order an Apple Watch online at Vitality for an initial payment plus convenient monthly payments. Track your monthly activity with your Apple Watch and the Manulife Vitality mobile app and earn Vitality Points. The more points you earn, the less you pay for your watch. If you achieve 500 points through Standard or Advanced workouts in one month, your monthly cost for your Apple Watch is $0!


At every Vitality Status™ members can save up to 40% off eligible Fitbit devices and receive a free year subscription to Fitbit Premium.


Save up to 50% on two hotel bookings of unlimited nights on the first $1,000 of your booking and up to $1,000 per program year. Choose from more than 1.8 million hotels worldwide and get discounts based on your Vitality Status, up to 50% off.


Dinner made easy! HelloFresh is Canada’s most recommended meal kit delivery service and brings joy back into your kitchen with fresh ingredients and easy to follow recipe cards. All you need to do is cook! Unlock up to $144 in annual savings on HelloFresh meal kits! Manulife Vitality members can get discounts on a meal kit of their choice every time they level up to a higher Vitality Status™.

Goodlife Fitness

With more than 200 gym locations and more 24/7 access than any other gym in Canada, you can workout whenever, and wherever, you want at GoodLife Fitness. As a Manulife Vitality member, you can save 25% off GoodLife Fitness memberships and benefit from a discounted Personal Training bundle, with no enrollment fees.


As a Manulife Vitality member, you receive one complimentary fast and convenient paramedical exam experience at your home, office, or another location from ExamOne once per program year. Your free screening test will help you know more about your overall health, and potential health risks like diabetes or heart disease. It includes physical measurements to check your blood pressure and body mass index (BMI) and a blood draw to determine your blood glucose levels and total cholesterol.

Amazon Prime

Enjoy a one-year Amazon Prime membership when you reach Platinum Status and complete your Vitality Health Review three years in a row.


Save on athletic gear with up to 60% off running shoes, apparel, and accessories with Saucony.

The first step towards a healthier you is achievable with health insurance

Manulife (and SBIS) believe insurance should be more than protecting your loved ones; it’s about living your life to the fullest. At SBIS, we can get you started with the exciting, innovative Vitality health insurance program — we know you’ll love the rewards! Go online here if you’d like a Flexcare or FollowMe quote now. Congratulations on taking one step closer to brighter, healthy future.


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