Can I be covered for health insurance if I am over 75 years old?

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Yes! It’s never too late to purchase health insurance, and there are good reasons to consider taking steps to buy coverage.

Regardless of age, individual health and dental insurance can help you save on healthcare costs not covered by your provincial government plan, including expenses like prescription drugs, dental care, hearing aids, vision care and massage therapy.

Too frequently, retirees underestimate the hefty price tag healthcare costs have — in fact, the average Canadian household spent $3,731 on out-of-pocket healthcare expenses in 2016*. With these services being so pricey, there is an alarming number of retirees who claim to have gone without a needed healthcare item because they didn’t have enough funds to pay for it.

Source: Statistics Canada How Canadians Spent Their Money in 2016 calculated at 6% of average annual expenditure on goods and services.

Setting aside money for healthcare costs may not be enough

Many wonder if they’d save by setting money aside for healthcare costs, rather than buying a health insurance plan. While things like routine dental costs can be predictable, unexpected healthcare expenses can prove very costly. Do you have enough saved for these types of events:

  • An illness that requires expensive medication?
  • An injury resulting in an ambulance trip and hospital stay?
  • Physiotherapy after an illness or injury?
  • Support and aids if you are diagnosed with a hearing problem?
  • At-home nursing care to help you recover?
  • Emergency dental treatment after a fall?
  • A wheelchair or lift after hip surgery?
  • Psychological support sessions after a loss?
  • Custom orthotics to ease foot pain?

Putting money aside for any — or all! — of these events could be difficult, but with a health insurance plan in place, most if not all expenses will be covered.

Typically, by the time you reach age 75 you are living on a fixed income. It can be risky to face unexpected healthcare costs without the safety net of health insurance. And the good news is that health insurance costs can be an expected part of your budget.

What kind of health insurance can you buy at age 75?

You can purchase health insurance that provides drug coverage, dental coverage, or both. And all plans include ‘paramedical’ coverage you may need, like physiotherapy or chiropractic services.

Some individual health insurance plans are medically underwritten, and some are guaranteed acceptance.

Medically underwritten plans typically provide higher levels of coverage. However, if your health is not the best, or if you take a few medications on a regular basis, you may not qualify for high benefit limits, or perhaps any coverage at all under these plans.

You can apply for an individual health insurance plan that offers guaranteed acceptance regardless of your health. Any pre-existing condition you have or eligible current medication you take will be covered. There is no underwriting required. You can select coverage to fit your budget.

Other advantages of having health insurance

When you put your health insurance in place, you can make a claim as soon as you receive your benefits ID card. There is no waiting period for most benefits!  Your policy booklet will detail the specific wait periods in your plan.

And paying for healthcare is easier. You just present your benefits card at participating locations for most prescriptions and dental submissions. You’ll be covered for the approved amount right away, and you’ll be reimbursed for all other types of approved claims by cheque or direct deposit if you sign up for online services.

Your coverage is renewable for life, as long as your premiums
are paid.

And, if you the insured pass away and your spouse survives you, your health insurance will continue for them for one full year.

Need help choosing a plan?

The biggest barrier for some individuals is selecting a plan best suited to their needs and budget. Often, they have never had to purchase individual health coverage before and may find the terminology, options and process very confusing.

That’s why we give you the no obligation opportunity to talk it over with an SBIS expert.  At SBIS, we have over 35 different health and dental plans available and can provide expert help you can trust.

We will help you figure out what plan to choose, what coverage you may need, and what your budget is, and then we can assist you in applying for the new plan.

You’re never too old to give us a call

If you are thinking about getting health insurance, give us a call today. We can help make your choice easier and more convenient. We guarantee to answer your phone calls with a live voice if you call us between the hours of 8:45am and 4:45pm ET.

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    1. Yes we have a multitude of programs that cover individuals over the age of 75, some plan we offer have no restrictions on ages for enrolment. Please give us a call for more information on which benefits you would like coverage for at 1-800-667-0429. Thank you,

    1. We represent multiple major insurance companies across Canada some of which have age limits to enroll and others have no age restrictions. At age 75 You would have no restrictions on any of our plans to enroll in. Thank you for your comment/question.

  1. I will be 75 this month and still gainfully employed. The company insurance plan ends for me on Nov 19, 2022. The current plan is cost plus, what options do I have going forward? What can you recommend?

    1. Thank you for your question Tony. We have over 50 different health and dental plans to choose from across Canada from a number of different insurance companies. My suggestion would be to give us a call at your convenience, to speak about your options. Please contact us at 1-800-667-0429


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