Can’t Afford Group Insurance for Your Employees?

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When you own a business, there are so many responsibilities beyond running the operation and making sure everything goes smoothly. You often have other people to worry about: your employees. In today’s economic climate, you have to be careful about expenses and making sure your business is successful. But how do you balance everything so everyone is happy?

When you look at large employers like school boards, unions and hospitals, for example, they have employee packages to attract people to their workforce. Living wages, sick days, vacation time…those are all things people strive to have in their careers. But one of the most coveted things an employee can have is an insurance plan.

When You Can’t Provide Benefits

It’s understandable if you are unable to provide group insurance for your employees. Most group plans are sponsored by companies that have hundreds of employees and can afford the expenses. It’s a different story for small businesses with few employees.

When you provide insurance to your employees, you’re taking financial and legal responsibility for them. If they have exorbitant bills for illnesses or injuries, you are partly on the hook for that. Sometimes this kind of service is too much of a risk for your company, especially if it is small and you are on a budget.

Another reason many small business owners don’t provide group coverage is that they don’t feel they know enough about it. Unless they have an employee who is dedicated to employee benefits, it’s hard to know what and how much to offer.

While providing benefits can be an incentive for employees to stay for the long term, you can find other ways to make their career rewarding and to get around the issue of not providing coverage.

What You CAN Do

If you aren’t equipped to provide your team with group benefits, you can still help them out by pointing them in the right direction. By encouraging your staff to get their own plans, you are showing them that while you can’t provide coverage for them, you do want to ensure that they will have protection for their health.


You can also pay for individual plans for your employees. It is usually less expensive than a group plan, but be aware that they often have more limited maximums.

If you refer your employees to our website, they can see all that we have to offer. We can also send you some brochures and reading material to provide for your staff so they can see for themselves. All you have to do is make the introduction!

Once an employee calls us, we find out exactly what they are looking for and what kind of coverage they can afford. In addition to giving information, we can also

  • Calculate the costs of several plans they may be able to afford
  • Offer competitive rates
  • Give in-depth information on all plans that we offer

As the employer, you won’t need to spend time explaining benefits and coverage to employees. You can show them who we are and suggest that they contact us to set them up. We offer plans for all walks of life, so everyone walks away happy.

What We Offer

We have dozens of plans to choose from, some with low premiums and several levels of coverage, to more robust plans that cover a large array of services including both health and dental. Through Green Shield and Manulife, you can find a plan for just about anybody.

Some of our plans can guarantee coverage for vision care, prescription medication, therapies such as physiotherapy or chiropractic care, travel, and much more.

Leave it to Us

We are experts in the field of health, dental and travel insurance. We are happy to answer any questions you or your employees may have and set something up for their protection as soon as possible. You don’t have to be an expert; we take it from there.

Healthy, happy employees are a dream come true, and you can help by introducing your employees to an insurance provider who will take care of them and make sure they get what they need.

If you call us today, we’ll provide you with all the information you need, including brochures and other literature to share with your staff. It is our pleasure to assist you in obtaining the health and dental care you deserve.


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