Choose the Right Dental Insurance Coverage

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There has never, in the history of dental care, been a person sitting in a dentist's office in an emergency, wishing they didn't have all that dental insurance. Though we now know how important good oral care is to our overall health, dental care is generally not covered by provincial health insurance plans. In light of this, we also have a better understanding of the importance of health and dental insurance.

Of course, understanding the importance of insurance has little bearing on one’s ability to pay for coverage. If you are struggling with the decision to buy dental insurance coverage, consider this: How will you pay for treatment in the event of a dental emergency?

Before resigning yourself to a life without proper dental care, understand that dental insurance options are plentiful. Choosing the right insurance broker is the first step in finding the best dental insurance coverage. There will be something suitable for your needs available at a price you can afford.

Investigate different packages

If you are without coverage because of a sudden job loss, you should know that there are health and dental insurance packages available for those who are leaving group plans. To be eligible for guaranteed coverage it is best to apply for insurance within 60 days of losing your group benefits. Don’t let a pre-existing dental condition stop you from applying, especially if you are leaving a group plan. You are not automatically disqualified from coverage.

Different coverage levels

An insurance broker is the best person to help you determine your specific coverage needs. If you already receive regular dental care, your dentist can provide you with information on your treatment plan and what you may require in the future. There are many choices and coverage packages to suit you and your family when you need to purchase dental insurance. Coverage package options can include:

  • Basic Coverage which can cover services such as routine examinations and procedures like cleanings, X-rays and fillings.
  • Comprehensive Basic Coverage which may cover the above and more services such as periodontics, root canal and denture maintenance.
  • Major Services such as dentures, crowns or bridgework – though this may not be offered until after a policy has been active for a specified period of time.

Talk to those who have been there

There is an appropriate dental insurance coverage plan for every individual and every family. The array of options for health and dental insurance coverage can be daunting. Your best choice when assessing your needs is finding an insurance broker. Insurance brokers are highly qualified professionals who are ethically bound to work in your best interests.

If you have friends who are self-employed or retired, they may have a recommendation for an insurance broker who was able to accommodate their insurance needs and their budget. Failing that, a quick search for a broker that is licenced to serve your area can get you on the path to better oral health.


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