Dental Insurance for Every Stage of Life

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Because most provincial health insurance plans do not provide coverage for dental care, many Canadian residents purchase dental insurance plans to get the coverage they need for routine and emergency dental treatment.  Because everyone does not require the same level of protection, it is important that you assess your needs and the needs of your family, so you can choose the plan that's right for you.  As your situation changes, so should your coverage.  For example, a dental insurance plan that offers adequate protection when you're a young adult may not provide the coverage you need when you start a family or prepare for retirement.  Below you will find a list of things to consider when selecting a dental insurance plan at different stages of your life.

Your First Dental Insurance Plan

When you are no longer eligible for coverage under your parents’ dental insurance plan, it’s time to start thinking about getting a policy of your own.  As a young adult, you may think that you don’t need dental insurance.  But the proper plan can help protect your health and your bottom line.  Routine trips to the dentist are critical to maintaining good oral health.  But, they can also be expensive.  Dental insurance can reduce your out-of-pocket expenses, so you can afford the care you need.

At this stage of your life, you probably don’t have a history of oral health issues, so a plan that covers basic services such as routine exams, cleanings and X-Rays will most likely provide all of the coverage you need.  However, if you’ve required more extensive treatment in the past or you know you will soon need major services, you may want to consider a plan that offers more comprehensive coverage.

You Are Starting a Family

Whether you are getting married or having a baby, you have more than yourself to think about.  It’s important that you have a Canada dental insurance plan that meets the needs of your entire family, including your spouse and/or children.  If you already have children or they’re on the way, you’ll want to be sure to purchase a plan that covers services that are unique to their needs, such as regular fluoride treatments, sealants and space maintainers.  These services are covered under many basic plans, but you’ll want to make sure they are covered under the plan you choose.

You Are Preparing for Retirement

As you approach retirement, you will experience many changes.  As you prepare for the changes in your professional and personal life, your oral health is probably not at the top of your priority list.  But it isn’t something you should ignore.  As you age, you are more likely to need extensive dental treatment that wasn’t necessary when you were younger.  Since these treatments can be expensive, it is important that you purchase a dental insurance plan that will help defray some of these costs and minimize your out-of-pocket expenses.  To ensure you have the protection you need throughout retirement, you will probably want to choose a plan that covers major services, such as dentures, root canals, bridges and crowns.


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