The Importance of a Family Dental Insurance Plan

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Tooth decay is the most common childhood disease.  It is more common than asthma and can cause chronic pain, interfere with a child's eating and sleeping habits and result in tooth loss.  In extreme cases when left untreated, it can require hospitalization. But with proper oral care, tooth decay in children is preventable.  Unfortunately many children do not always get the dental care they need because their parents do not have adequate family dental insurance coverage.

Parents’ Role

Children learn by watching their parents, so it is very important that parents set a good example and teach their children healthy eating habits and how to properly take care of their teeth at an early age.  Because young children cannot brush their teeth correctly, parents should brush their children’s teeth for the first few years of their lives.  Ensuring children know how to brush and floss properly is critical to helping them maintain a happy and healthy smile.  But even with diligent care at home, it is important for children to see a dentist on a regular basis.

Benefits of Regular Dental Visits

The Canadian Dental Association recommends that all children see a dentist within six months of getting their first tooth or by their first birthday.  After the initial appointment, regular visits are recommended every six months.  Routine appointments allow dentists to monitor children’s teeth to make sure they are brushing and flossing properly.  They also give dentists an opportunity to identify small problems and resolve them before they become large ones requiring extensive treatment.  In addition, dentists can provide preventative treatments for children such as sealants that help minimize the risk of developing cavities and tooth decay.  While routine professional dental care is critical in helping children maintain good oral health, it can also be expensive.  But adequate insurance coverage can defray some of the costs associated with dental treatment, so children can get the care they need.

Dental Insurance

While some provincial insurance plans offer dental coverage for low-income children, they do not offer coverage for all children, and the level of coverage they do provide varies from province to province.  Many children are not covered under provincial dental plans, leaving them without the protection they need to get the routine dental care they require to keep their teeth healthy. Dental insurance plans help bridge the gap and provide the coverage families need to get routine and emergency dental treatment.

Dental insurance covers a portion of the cost associated with covered services helping reduce out-of-pocket expenses.  However, levels of coverage vary based on the plan.  Some plans cover certain treatments, partially cover others and exclude some altogether.  It is important that you review your options carefully and choose a plan that meets your family’s needs.  If you need help selecting a plan or you want to get a dental insurance quote, contact one of our knowledgeable customer service representatives for additional information.


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