Three Ways Dental Insurance Can Help You Care For Your Teeth

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Maintaining good oral hygiene is not only necessary to keep your teeth and gums healthy, it is critical to maintaining your overall health.  Consistent brushing and flossing is a good first step, but it may not be enough.  Even with diligent oral care at home, it is important to visit a dentist regularly to make sure your teeth and gums are as healthy as you think they are.  But dental visits can be expensive and provincial insurance plans don't cover the cost associated with them for most Canadian residents.  Purchasing individual dental insurance can provide the coverage you need to care for your teeth properly.  Here are three ways a Canada dental insurance plan can keep your smile healthy and happy for years to come.


Proper nutrition isn’t just about keeping your body healthy, it helps keep your teeth healthy too.  Many people are aware of the link between what they eat and how it affects other aspects of their health such as their weight, heart, risk for developing diabetes and more.  However, they often don’t think about the link between how the foods they eat impact the health of their teeth and gums.  Dentists can provide guidance about the foods and drinks you should be consuming as well as those you should avoid to keep your teeth strong and healthy for years to come.

Proper Oral Care

To most people, brushing and flossing every day is a no-brainer.  It is part of their routine, and they don’t think twice about doing it.  But many people brush and floss incorrectly without realizing it.  Over time these improper techniques can negatively impact your oral health.  But routine dental visits give your dentist an opportunity to evaluate how well you are caring for your teeth at home.  If there is something you are not doing properly, they can identify it and teach how you to correct it, so you can maintain a happy and healthy smile.

Early Detection of Problems

Without regular trips to the dentist, minor oral health issues can go undetected and untreated, leading to larger, more complex and expensive problems.  Dental insurance provides the coverage you need to see your dentist regularly for routine cleanings and preventative treatment that will help you avoid common oral health problems such as cavities and gum disease.  It will also give your dentist an opportunity to identify and treat small problems, preventing them from becoming large ones.

Choosing a Dental Insurance Plan

There are many Canada dental insurance plans available on the market today, giving you many options to choose the one that’s best for you.  However, with so many choices, finding the right one can seem overwhelming.  An experienced insurance professional can review the available plans with you, identify the ones for which you qualify, explain the covered services and costs associated with each and answer any questions you have.

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  1. Need Health insurance for my 5 year old daughter as we do not have OHIP. Primarily looking for physician services.

    1. We are unable to provide individual dental benefits to anyone who does not have provincial healthcare (i.e. OHIP). Also a 5 year old is not allowed to have insurance on his or her own, someone over the age of 18 would also need to sign up as the applicant


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