Dental Insurance Matters at Any Age

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The health insurance provided to Canadians through their province or territory of residence is quite broad, however there are a few notable exclusions to the provincial plans. For example, though oral health is recognized as an important part of our overall wellbeing, routine dental visits are usually not covered. This often comes as a surprise to young people who are fresh out of school and new to the workplace. Between protection under their parents' plan and the health and dental insurance coverage available through many post-secondary institutions, this may be the first time they have gone without dental insurance. More and more young Canadians who are not eligible for coverage under company plans are choosing to go without dental insurance, a very risky practice indeed.

Short Term Gain, Long Term Pain

These days, many first jobs are temporary or contract positions. This means they don’t come with a lot of the perks of full-time employment, like group health and dental insurance benefits. Many employees who are new to the workforce look at the expense of private health and dental coverage as an unnecessary one. It’s true that those who are young and generally healthy may have fewer health concerns than those who are older or chronically ill, but accidents and dental emergencies can happen to anyone.

Those who have dental insurance are much more likely to keep up regularly scheduled visits to the dentist. When you consider that a simple cavity left unchecked can quickly turn into an expensive and sometimes painful procedure like a root canal, the importance of dental insurance becomes apparent. Simple, routine dental maintenance is much more likely to happen when you have private health and dental insurance.

Addressing the Concerns of Younger Canadians

When trying to get to the root of the problem of dental insurance in Canada, a recent study discovered new entrants to the workforce were unimpressed by the traditional benefits offered by their employers. They didn’t feel the standard offerings were applicable to their individual needs. This generation’s workers want options for coverage that fit their lifestyle. The insurance industry has been working to meet those challenges with new technology, more flexible benefits and plan options that can allow coverage based on individual needs. With new advances like online submission forms and simplified policy language and benefit explanations, insurance companies are changing to meet the evolving needs of today’s workforce.

Private health and dental insurance is a must for Canadians at any age. By working with a qualified insurance broker, those in need of health and dental coverage can have help understanding the sometimes complex language of insurance. Professionally licensed and held to a strict code of conduct, insurance brokers work for their clients, not the insurance companies. Choosing to work with an insurance broker in the early stages of your career can ensure a relationship with a trusted advisor who can help make sure your insurance coverage suits your particular situation.


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