Self-Employed Dental Insurance

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Self employed dental insurance

Dental insurance options for self-employed Canadians

Being self-employed is difficult enough without having to worry about unexpected dental expenses. A self-employed dental insurance plan from Special Benefits Insurance Services is the solution. Our dental insurance options can provide the coverage you desperately need to maintain good dental health, while limiting out-of-pocket expenses. After all, without you, your business couldn’t exist. So purchasing dental insurance for yourself and your family is one of the best investments you can make.

SBIS has a number of dental insurance options available for entrepreneurs, independent professionals, contractors, commission-based workers or anyone who is not protected by group coverage. With a self-employed dental insurance plan, you can

How we can help you

When you partner with SBIS for your dental insurance needs, you gain access to years of experience. We are industry leaders who have been selling insurance solutions since 1993. We offer a wide variety of dental insurance products designed to meet the unique needs of self-employed individuals who are not covered by a group plan.

Green Shield Health Insurance Plans

SBIS is proud to be an exclusive partner to Green Shield Canada; this allows us to offer affordable and flexible Prism insurance programs nationwide – except QC. In addition, we are an independent broker, which means we sell self-employed dental insurance plans from other leading insurance providers. All of this adds up to one thing: SBIS has the experience, expertise and products to meet your individual needs.

Offered through Green Shield Canada, our Prism programs make it easy for self-employed individuals to fill in the insurance gap for services not covered by the government. There are three Prism programs available to meet your dental insurance needs: Prism Spectra®, Prism Precision® and Prism Continuum®—which guarantees coverage if you apply within 90 days of losing your group plan (for those who require prescription drugs).

Prism programs offer three levels of dental coverage for self-employed individuals and their families—Basic, Basic Comprehensive and Major Services. These options allow you to choose just the right amount of protection to ensure you and your family have the coverage you need. The more basic your requirements are, the lower your self-employed dental insurance premiums will be.

Basic Coverage is ideal if you only need preventative cleaning, routine exams and x-rays, and fillings and extractions, in addition to general anesthetics and certain services for children. Basic Comprehensive, which offers more extensive protection, provides coverage for periodontal treatment, endodontics/root canal therapy and denture-related care. If you are interested in a plan that includes the most complete level of protection, Major Services Coverage is the best choice. It offers access to dentures, standard crown restorations, orthodontics, standard bridges and standard repair or re-cementing of crowns (in your third benefit year).

Prism health insurance plans

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The Prism Spectra program is another option if you are leaving a company group plan or don’t currently have health and dental coverage in place and are looking for comprehensive coverage complemented by high benefit maximums.

The Prism Precision program may be right for you if you are looking for a comprehensive dental plan. There are 2 dental options to choose from P3 and P4; both of which have varying dental maximums. Both of these plans also include coverages for services and treatments that are not covered by the government. No medical questionnaire required, and coverage is guaranteed, even for pre-existing conditions.

The Prism Continuum program may be your best solution if you, your spouse, or your dependents are losing, or have lost your company group health benefits within the last 90 days and are looking for guaranteed coverage even with pre-existing conditions.

Manulife health insurance plans

Through Manulife Financial, we offer Flexcare® DentalPlus™ and add-ons that allow self-employed Canadians to choose the coverage options they need for their specific health and dental insurance needs.

We also offer the FollowMe™ line, for those who apply within 90 days of losing group coverage (for those who require prescription drugs on a maintenance basis)

Manulife Association plans that provide the following coverage options:

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GMS Health Insurance Plans

The “best” dental plans when you are self-employed vary from person to person or family to family. Consider a GMS Health Insurance Plan with added dental coverage for your current and future dental care needs.

GMS Personal Health Insurance: The high cost of healthcare can keep you from going to see the dentist because as a self-employed person, your income may be less regular than a salaried employee’s. But it’s difficult to budget for an unexpected dental bill costing hundreds of dollars. That’s why you can add dental coverage to all three GMS Personal Health Insurance plans.

GMS Replacement Health Insurance: If you enjoyed group benefits and have retired or just became self-employed, remember that you may need major dental work in the future. GMS Replacement Health plans offer “no medical questions asked” coverage and optional dental cost protection. Putting a plan in place helps you expect lower out-of-pocket expenses for high-cost dental procedures.

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