Small Business Dental Insurance

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Small business dental insurance

Dental insurance options for small business owners

At Special Benefits Insurance Services, we know your time, money and health are some of your biggest assets. Our Small Business Dental Insurance gives you a reliable and viable way to protect those assets.

Small Business Dental Insurance can protect you (and your employees) from many out-of-pocket costs for dental care. Not only that, having dental insurance benefits makes it easier for you and your employees—if you choose to cover them—to maintain proper oral health, so you have the overall well-being to run your business.

SBIS offers a variety of Small Business Dental Insurance plans to enhance your access to dental insurance coverage. Our plans can help you

The advantages of working with SBIS

SBIS offers an array of dental insurance plans for small businesses that can help ensure you have the proper coverage to meet your needs. We are the perfect dental insurance partner for small business owners who are looking for high-quality, cost-effective and reliable insurance.

We are an independent broker offering policies from leading insurance companies in Canada. With so many products available, SBIS can meet your specific preferences and needs.

SBIS is a leading agency for Small Business Dental Insurance, which means we are equipped to serve small business owners, entrepreneurs, independent professionals, contract workers and anyone else who is not covered by group benefits. We offer the following advantages:

Small business insurance options

Provincial government insurance provides only very limited coverage for certain in hospital dental procedures. However, our dental programs are an ideal way to supplement any gaps you may encounter in your coverage.

SBIS brings a variety of insurance products from numerous top insurance companies.

Manulife health insurance plans

Through Manulife Financial, we also offer dental insurance through the Flexcare®, FollowMe™ and Manulife Association programs. With the flexibility of insurance policy add-ons, this can help you to develop an insurance program that is tailored to the needs of your small business.

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We work with Green Shield Canada to offer the Prism line of products. These programs come in three options: Prism Continuum®, Prism Spectra® and Prism Precision®. All three programs offer varying levels of dental care.

We are proud to offer Green Shield Canada’s Prism Plans in three options: Prism Spectra®, Prism Precision®, and Prism Continuum®.

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The Prism Spectra program is another option if you are leaving a company group plan or don’t currently have health and dental coverage in place and are looking for comprehensive coverage complemented by high benefit maximums.

The Prism Precision program may be right for you if you are looking for a comprehensive dental plan. There are 2 dental options to choose from P3 and P4; both of which have varying dental maximums. Both of these plans also include coverages for services and treatments that are not covered by the government. No medical questionnaire required, and coverage is guaranteed, even for pre-existing conditions.

The Prism Continuum program may be your best solution if you, your spouse, or your dependents are losing, or have lost your company group health benefits within the last 90 days and are looking for guaranteed coverage even with pre-existing conditions.

GMS Health Insurance Plans

Discover GMS Group Advantage health and dental plans specifically designed and attractively priced for small businesses with 3 to 10 employees. We know you want to look after your employees’ health and you need premium price stability—so you won’t see big premium hikes when your plan renews. Choose from Silver, Gold or Platinum health coverage plans to cover prescription drugs and health and vision care and add on dental care too.

Every plan includes the Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP) to help you support your employees and their family members. They will have access to online interactive tools, care locators and personalized content, plus confidential counselling when they face difficulties, and lifestyle coaching to help them with day-to-day challenges.

At SBIS we also offer dental insurance through the GMS Personal Health Insurance and Replacement Health Insurance plans for individuals, and for companies with 2 employees or less. You can select a bundle of coverage that fits your budget and needs and then add on dental coverage. These customizable options are perfect for protecting you and your family.

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A variety of dental coverage levels available

No matter which carrier you choose, there are varying levels of dental coverage for your small business. This makes it easier to find the type of insurance that meets your specific budget and needs. From a basic option that includes preventative cleaning, routine exams and x-rays, and fillings and extractions, as well as general anesthetics and certain services for children, to a deluxe plan that covers care for dental prostheses and other major services (in your third benefit year), we have the right coverage plan for your small business and its employees.

Contact us to learn more about how you can avoid running the financial risk of being underinsured. Request a free Small Business Dental Insurance quote or information package today!