Discover What Canadians Think About Travel Medical Insurance

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The Canadian Association of Financial Institutions in Insurance’s (CAFII) sponsored survey reveals that Canadians who have experience with travel medical insurance…love it!

What do we love about travel medical insurance?

Eight in ten Canadians love the value this important insurance provides when they are travelling out of their home province.

Among those who purchased travel medical insurance in the past year

  • 87% were confident they would receive the quality of service they expected
  • 90% were confident they would receive the assistance they needed
  • 86% expected reimbursement to cover the cost of the travel medical emergency encountered as the policy dictated.

Results were even more positive for those who had made a claim:

  • 98% said they were fully or partially paid
  • 91% said they were satisfied with their claim experience from initial contact until the final outcome
  • 85% said their actual experience was in line with what was explained during their initial contact with the insurer
  • 75% said it met their expectations, and
  • 14% said their expectations were exceeded.

The survey respondents also self-reported reasonable understanding of the coverage terms and limitations, with 89% saying they were at least reasonably knowledgeable about policy terms at the time they purchased their policy. The same percentage of buyers reported having at least some knowledge of their policy’s limitations and exclusions at the time of purchase.

Join the happy Canadians who use travel insurance


Can you afford not to have travel insurance? Too many times the cost of healthcare away from home can run well into the tens of thousands of dollars. For example, specialized surgery can cost as much as US$200,000 and each day in bed costs between US $3,000 and US $5,000. That can be a catastrophic bill for anyone to manage.

Worries over the risk of healthcare bills when you should be enjoying a vacation can be drastically eased by a small investment in travel insurance. Use this rule of thumb for the cost of a week of coverage (of course costs will vary depending on coverage and your personal situation):

  • Single and young: $25
  • A senior (Under 80): $60-$150
  • A family: $100

Not much, is it?

If you are ready to travel, contact us today to put in place the insurance you need.

The CAFII survey was conducted by Pollara Strategic Insights. For more information on the survey go to: and see the release at


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