Does Your Health Insurance Reward You For Healthy Behaviour?

Does Your Health Insurance Reward You For Healthy Behaviour?
Two out of three Canadians want to be rewarded for healthy behaviour. Does your health insurance do that?

Manulife knows that more and more Canadians want to focus on preventative health measures to live longer, healthier, better lives.  In their recent survey they also learned that two in three wantto be rewarded for their healthy behaviours. 

That’s why Manulife launched its Vitality program in 2016 and has helped tens of thousands of Canadians improve their overall health through this science and technology-based program that provides tools, resources, education, and rewards to people for the everyday steps they are taking to live longer and better lives. 

Here’s what Vitality can do for you

By choosing health insurance with Vitality you 

Get immediate value

As soon as you complete your Vitality Health Review you unlock hundred of dollars in Manulife Vitality rewards, without even moving a muscle

Know your health

You Vitality health Review also calculates your Vitality Age, a better representation of your true age based on your personal health choices.

Enjoy the rewards

Earning Vitality Points can be easy because you can enjoy them through routine activities you may already be doing. The more points you earn the more valuable rewards you can enjoy!

Couple checking app

You get access to the Vitality App

The Manulife Vitality mobile app for individual insurance members is easy to use, informative, and will help keep you engaged every day to earn points and valuable rewards. Here are some of the helpful features:

  • Home screen: Keep up to date on your points and status, find quick links to key features, and scroll through newsfeeds filled with health and wellness information.
  • Online education: Earn points for completing quick nutrition courses and using interactive tools.
  • View your gift cards: Check out the gift cards you’ve won through Vitality Wheel™ spins.
  • See your rewards: Find all the details about the Manulife Vitality rewards and discounts available to you.
  • Gym check-in: Log your gym visit to earn points.

Vitality rewards are very rewarding

When you have your Manulife health insurance with Vitality in place, just set up your Vitality member profile and set your goals. Everyday activities like walking the dog, going to the gym, and completing online nutrition courses will earn you points.

The more active you are the more Vitality Points™ you can earn and use for your rewards for a free wearable Vivofit from Garmin or discounts on other Garmin models or Fitbit models, great discounts on travel and meal kits too. If a gym membership will help you with earning rewards, Manulife makes it easier to join with discounts and you get discounts on athletic gear. 

To take care of your health, you receive a complimentary fast and convenient paramedical exam experience at your home, office, or another location from ExamOne once per program year. 

And for even more shopping convenience and discounts, you can enjoy a one-year Amazon Prime membership when you reach Platinum Status.  

Get Manulife Vitality with these Health and Dental Insurance options

Vitality starts with the Manulife health insurance products you can trust to save money. Your plan will reimburse you for many routine and unexpected health-related expenses that may not be covered by your government health insurance.


From guaranteed issue to comprehensive health and dental benefits, Flexcare offers affordable health and dental coverage for you and your family. Your coverage stays with you, even if you change jobs or your health changes.


When employee benefits end, FollowMe offers uninterrupted health and dental coverage for you and your family — and your acceptance is guaranteed! 

Here are other FollowMe and Flexcare features you’ll love:

By choosing Vitality you start by saving money with low health insurance premiums – enjoying an automatic 5% discount in the first year, and

  • You can customise your insurance with add-ons 
  • Enjoy benefit coverage for visits to registered therapists like speech therapists, physiotherapists, massage therapists, foot care specialists, naturopaths, osteopaths, chiropractors, acupuncturists, and more
  • Get help with the cost of home support services and medical equipment
  • Take care of your hearing and vision with coverage for hearing tests and hearing aids, eye exams, glasses, and contact lenses
  • Have emergency medical travel insurance protection too.

Get started with your Vitality rewards today

SBIS works with you to help choose the right core plan and add-ons for your Manulife Flexcare or FollowMe plan to get only the coverage you need. A custom solution is possible for you, regardless of your current or past health status. We provide health insurance plans to those in need of coverage, including:

  • Divorcees and surviving spouses
  • Contract and part-time workers
  • Students and over-age dependents
  • Retirees
  • Self-employed Canadians

If you do not have access to group benefits plan through your employer, your parents, or your spouse, we can help you get the health insurance coverage that best suits your needs and budget – and earn rewards too. And you can even choose a Flexcare plan if you have benefits through your employer, adding on extra coverage you and your family may need and Vitality too.

Go online here if you’d like a Flexcare or FollowMe quote now. Congratulations on taking one step closer to brighter, healthy future.


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