Five Summer Sun Safety Tips

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The long summer holiday is officially underway! It’s an excellent time to rest and rejuvenate while reconnecting with family. The kids are out of school and the office is a ghost town, so it seems like summer is the best time to take a break. To take full advantage of all that the warm weather and free time of the summer have to offer, try to keep the whole family healthy for the season. That’s much easier to do if everyone manages to avoid the pain and long-term damage that too much exposure to the sun can cause. 5 sun safety tips will help you get the most out of summer.But after the long, dark Canadian winter, it would be crazy to suggest we spend even more time inside. With that in mind, here are five summer sun safety tips that will help you enjoy the season, without the burn.

Time Outdoor Activities Carefully

There’s some truth to the expression “high noon.” It’s the time of day when the sun is at its highest. The Ultraviolet Index (UVI) is highest between 10:00 AM and 3:00 PM. Though there will always be some events that can’t be moved to a different time of day, consider conducting activities that aren’t time sensitive at times outside the peak hours of sun exposure.

As an added bonus, for activities that are physically demanding, the temperatures will generally be cooler at these off-peak times too. A simple change to the timing of the daily plan can reduce your risk of sunburn and heat exhaustion, a serious condition that can quickly turn into a medical emergency. Staying hydrated with plenty of water will also help you stay safe from dangers of sun and high temperatures.

Remember: Sun damage can occur even when you are wearing sunscreen. Sometimes avoiding the sun completely is the best choice.

Take Extra Care Around Water

If you’ve ever felt as though the sun seems extra bright around the lake, ocean, or pool, it’s not your imagination. The sun’s rays reflect off the surface of the water, intensifying the effects of the sun. Couple that with the overwhelming temptation to go for a cooling dip, and you’ve got the right conditions for a severe burn.

Even if the sunscreen you are using is waterproof, it should still be re-applied frequently while you in or near water. Try wearing a rash guard, which is a piece of swimwear that covers the shoulders and arms, to prevent excessive sun exposure.

Consider Covering Up

Sunscreen is a great addition to the family sun safety toolbox, but it can also provide a false sense of security. When the temperature and the circumstances are appropriate, it’s preferable to cover up to reduce the skin’s exposure to the sun. Lightweight fabrics in light colours can help prevent sunburn without causing you to overheat. Hats are a must for people of all ages, so make sure you set a good example for the children by wearing one yourself.

With that said, there is no such thing as being too prepared when it comes to sun safety. It’s a very good idea to wear sunscreen AND a protective layer of clothing for long periods of sun exposure.

Know When to Head for the Shade

No degree of sun protection will provide the same level of comfort as a nice, shady spot on a hot summer’s day. If you really enjoy time at the beach, consider investing in a portable sunshade that will allow you to enjoy the best of both worlds. At the very least, be sure to take a shady break during peak hours. After all, if you’re trapped inside nursing a sunburn, you’ll lose a lot more than a couple of hours in the great outdoors!

Keep Sunscreen Handy at All Times

It’s not advised to keep sunscreen in the car because the very high temperatures can degrade the active ingredients. Consider investing in a few travel-sized bottles of sunscreen, or buying empty squeeze bottles at the dollar store and filling them up from a larger container of sunscreen. You never know when an errand or activity will run long, and you don’t want to be unable to reapply sunscreen when you’ve been out for a couple of hours.

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