Get The Perfect 2-Day Multi Trip Travel Insurance For Your Cross-Border Trips

Get The Perfect 2-Day Multi Trip Travel Insurance For Your Cross-Border Trips
The freedom to take a quick cross-border trip is special. But don’t forget – a medical emergency away can mean unplanned healthcare costs. Here’s the best way to travel worry-free.

If you get sick or injured while travelling, your provincial government healthcare provides limited coverage for medical treatment and hospital costs outside of Canada. Provincial healthcare plans don’t cover expenses like ambulance services, emergency dental treatment and prescription drugs.

That’s why you need convenient emergency medical travel insurance coverage for quick or spontaneous trips across the border. Want to go Black Friday shopping? Grab some cheap gas or groceries? Just get away overnight?  Heading to the U.S. for a quick trip doesn’t have to put your finances at risk when you have travel insurance you can count on in place.

Is TuGo 2-Day Multi-Trip Travel Insurance right for me?

If you usually buy Single Trip Emergency Medical coverage but sometimes like spur of the moment cross-border trips, this plan could be just what you need.

With the new 2-day Multi-Trip Annual plan, you’ll have increased flexibility to go whenever you like and peace of mind that you have emergency medical protection when you cross the 49th parallel.

You are eligible for coverage if:

  • You are a Canadian resident covered by a provincial health insurance plan
  • You are not traveling against a physician’s advice
  • You have not been diagnosed with a terminal condition or in palliative care.

There are no medical questions when you apply for coverage. The policy will take next to no-time to purchase and is a great price value for all ages. Under age 58? You are also eligible for automatic renewal so your coverage can stay in place year after year.

TuGo Multi-Trip Infographic

What does TuGo 2-Day Multi-Trip cover?

You will be covered for 12 months and can take an unlimited number of trips, which start and end in Canada, up to 2 days. The 2-day trip duration begins on the date you leave Canada and ends when you return to Canada.

The plan has an automatic $300 USD deductible, but a $0.00 deductible is available

If you aren’t feeling well while in the U.S. and would like to seek medical advice, but don’t think a clinic or hospital visit is necessary, you can use take advantage of TuGo telemedicine service. You’ll be connected with a certified physician, who can provide consultation and a recommended treatment, right over the phone.

In addition, the Tugo 2-day travel plan will cover you for an unlimited number of days while visiting another province.

Here are the key benefits:

Maximum Limit / Maximum liability


Emergency medical treatment

Emergency means an unforeseen sickness or injury, which requires immediate medical treatments to alleviate existing danger to life or health. Emergency medical treatment for sickness or injury (in-patient or out-patient) care includes

  • Services of physician
  • Private duty nursing
  • X-rays and laboratory services
  • Rental or purchase of essential medical appliances

Prescription drugs

  • Up to a 30-day supply following an emergency during the trip
  • Up to $200 for a physician visit to get a new prescription for lost, stolen or damaged prescription drugs


The services of a licensed ground, air or sea ambulance (including paramedics) from the scene of the accident or place of onset of the sickness to the nearest hospital.

Follow-up Visits

One follow-up visit within the 14 days after the initial emergency medical treatment

Fracture Treatment

Following the initial emergency treatment and the one follow-up visit, the company will pay up to a maximum of $1,250 for the following treatments related to fractures while in the U.S.:

  • X-ray examinations;
  • Re-examination physician visits;
  • Casting

Professional medical services

Up to $700 for any one incident per practitioner including a licensed physiotherapist, chiropractor, chiropodist, osteopath, podiatrist, optometrist and acupuncturists


Up to the policy limit for dental accidents during trip. Also includes additional coverage for up to 30 days in the home province upon return from the trip.  Up to $700 for any other dental emergencies

Hospital allowance

Up to $100 per day to cover incidental hospital charges, which are billed by the hospital, such as TV rental and telephone charges


Up to the policy limit for preparation and return of the body. Transportation costs and insurance coverage for one family member to identify the body, and up to $400 per day to a maximum of $2,000 for their meals and accommodation

Out-of-pocket expenses

Up to $500 per day for your out-of-pocket expenses, when your traveling companion is hospitalized on the date you are scheduled to return to your home province or when transferred to a different hospital in another city.

Return of travelling companion

When an insured traveler is returned to their home province because of a medical emergency, this benefit includes: A one-way economy airfare for their travelling companion to also return home

Family transportation

When an insured traveler is hospitalized, this benefit includes a round trip costs for a family member to be at their bedside and up to $500 per day to a maximum of $2,500 for out-of-pocket expenses.

Remember, your credit card coverage may not be enough

Some credit cards provide basic travel insurance. However, this coverage is often limited.

Credit card coverage may apply for a limited time period, or be available only up to a certain age. It’s often only applicable if the trip is paid for with your credit card.

Travel medical insurance does not cover everything. All insurance has exclusions, conditions and limitations. Make certain that you learn them and understand the coverage you have.

Don’t wait to the last minute to buy Emergency Medical Insurance

Emergency Medical Insurance protects out of pocket healthcare costs from sudden and unexpected situations – even on short trips across the border. So don’t think twice – give us a call Monday to Friday 8:45 a.m. – 4:45 p.m. ET at 1-800-667-0429 or 416-601-0429 to secure this economical, easy to apply for coverage before you get too busy. It’s the last thing you’d want to forget to take with you!


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