Give Your Body a Spring Cleaning Too

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Spring is such a rejuvenating time of year. We clear out the clutter and get our yards back in order. Sometimes all we need is a refresh of our surroundings. The same can be said for healthcare...maybe that could use some freshening up, too.Most of us have health insurance for the “just in case” reasons. If you stay healthy, you won’t need to use it, but it’s there. Your body is your temple and it’s the only one you’ve got. Here are some tips to help you keep it in the best shape possible.

Schedule a Doctor’s Appointment

They call it an annual physical for obvious reasons. You should see your doctor at least once a year to review your health. Keep a list of any questions you may have.

Your doctor will want to

  • Discuss your drug dosages and whether any of them need to be increased, decreased, or stopped
  • Examine your body for abnormalities or areas of concern
  • An internal exam, depending on the last time you had one
  • Update any older vaccines
  • Discuss any general questions or concerns

Once you have the green light of good health, you can start to think of other ways to keep yourself in the best shape possible.

Dust Off the Running Shoes

Now that the snow is far behind us, there’s no excuse for staying indoors. Studies have shown that at least thirty minutes of walking can improve your health significantly. If you really want to get a “leg up” on things, jogging is a popular (and inexpensive) activity.

Cardiovascular exercise is essential in keeping your body healthy. If running isn’t your cup of tea, at least get out and walk. Not only is it good for your health, but you can really get to know your surroundings. Take a different route every time you go out. You’ll be amazed what you can see just a few steps outside your door, and breathing fresh air has some serious health benefits according to HuffPost.

Give Up the Comfort Food

Here in Canada, there’s nothing tastier than a gooey poutine, but as we all know, it’s probably the least healthy thing to eat, too. In the winter, everyone enjoys hearty stews and fatty breads. However, once spring and summer come along the crock pot should be packed away.

Fresh fruits and vegetables come back in season, making our salads delicious and helping to put our general health in optimal shape. Carrots, celery, tomatoes…there’s nothing wrong with filling up on fresh fruit and vegetables!

Health Canada has a great online resource for nutritional health. Canada’s Food Guide is listed on their website.

Take Care of Nagging Injuries

How long can you limp along on one leg until you finally give in and seek treatment? Maybe that old college football injury comes back to haunt you every now and then, or you’ve noticed a skin abnormality. You need to talk about these things with your doctor.

osteopath giving ultrasound treatment to male client with sports injury

If your doctor gives you a referral for a certain type of treatment, you can check your health insurance plan to see if the treatment will be covered. You’ll never know if things can be fixed until you actually have your doctor take a look. It could be that easy — and you’ll kick yourself for not taking care of it sooner.

Stop Doing Things You Know You Shouldn’t Do

We usually save our resolutions for New Year’s Eve, but who says you can’t do the same with the emergence of nice weather? Got acid reflux? It’s time to lay off the foods that trigger it. Got hypertension? Stop eating salty food.

Don’t wait until December to quit smoking. If you’re serious about improving your health and want to start exercising, shake that monkey off your back. Depending on the plan, you may be able to find coverage for smoking cessation aids. There are many plans that won’t cover it however, as they are also considered lifestyle medications.

If only we had a reset button we could magically undo all those bad habits and start again fresh. Spring is a time of renewal and rebirth. Your body is no different, so take care of it now, instead of many years from now.

Call our office today to find out what coverage is available to you in helping you reach your health goals. It’s not too late!


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