GMS Personal Health Coverage


A personal health plan from GMS

A Personal Health Plan from GMS gives you coverage for everyday health needs and medical emergencies not covered by provincial health plans. Just need the basics? Want to top up your work benefits plan? Looking for a comprehensive package? You’re able to build a plan that’s right for you and your family.

GMS has three base plans to choose from and optional benefits like prescription drugs and dental care you can add. Mix and match the base plans and optional benefits to create a plan that suits your needs and those of your family — no matter what stage of life you’re in!

GMS Personal Health plans are part of your overall wellness plan

GMS Personal Health offers BasicPlan, ExtendaPlan or OmniPlan to fit your lifestyle as a vital part of your overall wellness plan.

With every GMS Personal Health Plan you can have coverage for:

You can add dental, drug and hospital cash benefits to any GMS Personal Health Plan for just a few more dollars each month.

And we understand that selecting coverage can be a challenge for people with conditions like high blood pressure, asthma or depression, but not with GMS Enhanced Prescription Drugs Benefit. This option can be added to any Personal Health Plan and lets you use $800 of your yearly limit for non-formulary and special status drugs, as well as drugs to treat pre-existing conditions.

Love to travel? You can add travel emergency medical coverage too.

GMS does their best to make your life easy

GMS offers great health coverage that can begin on any date, not just the 1st of the month like most insurance providers. Do you want coverage to start on the 16th of the month? That can happen!

No matter what stage of life you’re in, GMS health insurance plans offer the convenience of a pay-direct card so you can skip submitting claims documents when you use the plan at participating pharmacies, dentists, massage therapists, physiotherapists, psychologists, and more — and they’ll bill GMS directly for covered costs. No need to pay out of pocket! Send your other claims online and sign up for direct deposit, so you can get your money back faster. Use the GMS eClaims Provider Locator to find health and vision service providers near you.

Which GMS personal health plan is right for you?

At SBIS, we can help you choose the one that best suits your needs and budget.

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Why do you need GMS health insurance?

As Canadians, we enjoy the benefits of our publicly funded healthcare system. It covers the basics, such as trips to your family doctor or the emergency room and most immunizations. But not all healthcare costs are covered – and that means out of pocket expenses for you.

GMS Personal Health Plans can cover healthcare costs government health plans don’t. Things such as contact lenses, dental exams, and massage treatments that help you feel and be your best. And when the unexpected happens, they cover the costs of ground and air ambulance, preferred hospital rooms, medical equipment, and more to make sure you get the care you deserve.

GMS Personal Health plans are great for self-employed individuals, families, business owners and retirees. Personal Health plans are medically underwritten, which means pre-existing conditions may be excluded.

If you’re leaving a group plan, you are eligible for a GMS Replacement Health plan that offers guaranteed acceptance with no medical questions asked. That means your premium won’t be affected by health conditions you might have developed while covered under your group benefits plan. GMS has packaged Replacement Health plans to provide you with similar benefits to most group benefit plans so you can maintain your health.

With SBIS, you can get GMS protection today. Make GMS part of your wellness plan.