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Health & dental insurance from Green Shield Canada

Supplemental health insurance plans offer an enhanced level of protection to ward off financial difficulties at vulnerable times. When the time comes to purchase supplemental health insurance, it pays to go with a name you can trust. Green Shield Canada is founded on the belief that the customers’ needs should always come first. With this pledge in mind, Green Shield Canada offers flexible plans designed to meet the needs of Canadians right across the country.

Prism Plans

As a preferred partner with Green Shield Canada since 1995, Special Benefits Insurance Services is proud to offer the convenience and flexibility of the Prism family of products. These product offerings meet the health and dental insurance needs of those who do not have group insurance like retirees who are losing their group benefits, entrepreneurs and students. More and more Canadians are choosing the path of self-employment every year. Still others are employed on a contract basis. The flexibility of these non-standard work arrangements is a sign of the times. However, it often means that these individuals and their families are not covered by group benefit plans. Thankfully, Green Shield Canada is committed to offering insurance products for the changing landscape of the traditional workforce.

Prism health insurance plans

Prism Spectra

The four plans offered through Prism Spectra can provide comprehensive coverage for you and your family. These plans do require a medical questionnaire to be filled out, and may be the best option to cover future health conditions as your health and dental insurance needs evolve and change over time. Prism Spectra offers high benefit maximums and can even be extended to include hospital coverage for an additional charge.

Prism Precision

Prism Precision offers four plans to provide basic health and dental coverage for you, your spouse, and your eligible dependents. Coverage is available for pre-existing conditions, and enrolment is guaranteed without a medical exam. Prism Precision is a practical plan designed to give basic coverage for treatments that are not covered by provincial health insurance plans. It is a great option for those who do not require prescription drug coverage.

Prism Continuum

Whether you are soon to be retired and losing your group benefits, starting your own business or dealing with unexpected job loss, Prism Continuum plans are there to help cover insurance needs in periods of job transition and beyond. Designed specifically for those who are losing group health and dental insurance benefits, Prism Continuum offers guaranteed coverage for those who apply within 90 days of losing their group insurance benefits. The financial protection of health insurance benefits can continue after losing group coverage, even if you or a member of your family has a pre-existing health condition.

Getting covered under the Prism group of products from Green Shield Canada is easy. To find the best plan to suit your needs, simply contact Special Benefits Insurance Services today to get started on the application process for the best product to suit your needs.

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The Prism Spectra program is another option if you are leaving a company group plan or don’t currently have health and dental coverage in place and are looking for comprehensive coverage complemented by high benefit maximums.

The Prism Precision program may be right for you if you are looking for a comprehensive dental plan. There are 2 dental options to choose from P3 and P4; both of which have varying dental maximums. Both of these plans also include coverages for services and treatments that are not covered by the government. No medical questionnaire required, and coverage is guaranteed, even for pre-existing conditions.

The Prism Continuum program may be your best solution if you, your spouse, or your dependents are losing, or have lost your company group health benefits within the last 90 days and are looking for guaranteed coverage even with pre-existing conditions.

The Green Shield Commitment

Green Shield Canada strives to protect Canadians from the financial burden of medical and dental expenses that are not covered by provincial insurance plans. Since 1957, Green Shield Canada has been committed to offering innovative insurance products that evolve to meet the changing needs of over 1.5 million plan members. Green Shield is Canada’s only not-for-profit benefits carrier, meaning their $1.4 billion in annual revenue goes right back to providing services for their plan members. By making positive contributions to society through community giving, Green Shield Canada enhances the common good for us all.