Health Insurance Has Homecare and Nursing Care Coverage

We all know it can be very demanding to juggle work, home, children, and caring for someone who is ill. And we know an accident or illness can strike at any time. Do you have a plan for who you can call on for help?

Today there is a greater emphasis on home care than in the recent past, as more people live longer and survive serious illness and surgery to the point that they can go home. Families are expected to provide front-line care. But if your brothers and sisters or parents live tens, hundreds and even thousands of kilometers away, they may not be able to help. And friends and family are leading busy lives. They may be unwilling to commit the time to help in your recovery because of their job commitments, their own health issues, or how complex the care is that you may need.

That’s why selecting professional home healthcare can be a good choice.

Government agencies pay for a certain number of hours of care or subsidize care for a limited amount of time, but the system can be difficult to navigate. While you may be able to get enough surgery post-op care for yourself, a little more help is often needed. Perhaps you qualify for a care worker who visits twice each week, but if you prefer to bathe daily, the cost of additional help is going to be out of your pocket.

Sometimes you can buy care support from the same agencies that are providing your government-paid care. But home care isn’t cheap. According to the Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association, private homecare service can cost from $20 to $90 per hour for personal or nursing care.

What is homecare and how does it work?

Here are just some ways trained and qualified home healthcare professionals can support you at home:

  • Assess your home for safety risks and give knowledgeable recommendations for simple corrections like placing a rug on a slippery floor or installing tub rails
  • Assist with bathing, dressing and personal hygiene
  • Provide medical care for complex medical needs, including medication management, to make sure you are taking the right medication and the right times
  • Ensure that you are nutritionally not at risk, and less likely to lose lean body mass when you are confined to bed rest.

With one-on-one support, home healthcare services help make sure that you avoid unnecessary complications during your recovery.

What does health insurance cover?

For homecare from infants in your family to you in your senior years, your health insurance will cover the services of registered health professionals, including

  • registered nurse
  • registered healthcare aid or nursing assistant
  • personal support workers.

You also have coverage for

  • surgical bandages and dressings
  • the purchase or rental of medical equipment such as crutches, a wheelchair, hospital bed, oxygen and other equipment recommended by your doctor
  • casts, artificial limbs, eyes, splints and breast prostheses following mastectomies.

Your health insurance will have a maximum dollar amount of benefit you can claim each year, and some have a lifetime maximum.

Put health insurance in place as part of your support plan

Your health insurance is renewable year after year for your entire life. As we age, all of us are increasingly likely to develop chronic conditions, many of which may result in us needing support. Whether you face a struggle with managing diabetes, suffer from a leg ulcer, need support after a surgery or stroke, homecare and nursing care can enhance your quality of life and help you achieve optimal health.

While your doctor gives advice on your treatment, you may feel overwhelmed and anxious about how to attend to it. Nursing and homecare services help. They can be a vital part of your support plan, ensuring you have financial help for high-quality healthcare expertise.

Having health insurance in place helps pay for these services and helps you take control of your health and feel more positive about the future.

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