Health Insurance is for Everyone

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Residents of Canada are in the enviable position of enjoying government-funded health care, but not everything is covered under provincial health plans. Luckily, private health insurance is available to help bridge these gaps in coverage. However, when it comes to obtaining private health insurance coverage, many Canadians think that insurance is for “other people,” not them! The truth is, health insurance coverage offers benefits at every age and every stage of adult life.

Fresh Out of School

In today’s job market, new graduates can usually expect that at least the first few years out of school will be spent in part-time or contract work. With this casual employment comes a distinct lack of company benefits like paid vacation and access to group health insurance. No longer eligible under their parents’ health insurance plans, young adults are often shocked to discover just how much that prescription allergy medication costs the first time they have to pay for it out-of-pocket.

New Canadians

Those who are new to Canada are often confused when they learn that even once they have completed the permanent residency process, not everything is covered. Private health insurance can help protect new Canadians from financial hardship as they settle into life in a new country. If you are planning a move to Canada, you will also need insurance coverage for emergency medical care while you await your permanent residency. It is best to apply for this coverage before you arrive in Canada.

Mid-Career Insurance Needs

Whether it’s because you have lost your job or because you are branching out on your own in an exciting entrepreneurial adventure, your job change usually heralds the loss of group insurance benefits. If you have a spouse and children, you will quickly learn that those dental visits and additional services like chiropractic care and physiotherapy that you have taken for granted get very expensive, very quickly. You need to get a replacement for your group benefits – now!

The Golden Years

Seniors in Canada are spending more time than ever enjoying the fruits of their efforts in a well-earned retirement. Unfortunately for some of these retirees, one serious health crisis could mean the difference between a life of leisure and a life of bankruptcy. Seniors may still be eligible for health insurance coverage, and pre-existing conditions aren’t always grounds for automatic disqualification. If you wish to protect your health and financial future, the best time to apply is right now.

When you’re fresh out of school, changing jobs or newly retired, your insurance coverage may change. If you have been covered by group benefits, and are taking routine or maintenance medication, it is in your best interest to apply for insurance coverage within 60 days to ensure guaranteed coverage and uninterrupted benefits. If you are unsure of where to start, talk to an insurance broker.


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