How Can I Get Dental Insurance?

Provincial insurance plans do not provide dental coverage to Canadian residents unless it is an emergency.  However, routine dental care is critical to keeping your teeth and gums healthy.  As a result, many people choose to get dental insurance to protect themselves from out-of-pocket dental expenses.  A Canada dental insurance plan can give you and your family the coverage you need to obtain routine dental care.  If you do not currently have coverage, you may be asking yourself, how can I get dental insurance?  Listed below are three ways you can purchase a plan.  Choose the method that is right for you based on your individual circumstances.

Through Your Employer

Aside from your salary, one of the most important benefits an employer can offer its employees is a health and dental plan.  Company sponsored dental insurance is a popular way for many Canadian residents to obtain the dental insurance coverage they need to keep their smiles healthy and happy and protect themselves from out-of-pocket expenses.  But some employers do not offer supplemental dental insurance coverage to their employees.  Furthermore, there are some employees, such as those who work part-time, who are not eligible for the company-sponsored plans offered by their employers. In addition, many residents such as retirees don’t have the option of obtaining coverage through a group plan.  If dental insurance through your employer is not possible for you, there are other ways you can get dental insurance.

Through Your Insurance Carrier

If your employer does not offer a Canada dental insurance plan or you do not qualify for dental insurance through a company-sponsored plan, you can work directly with an insurance carrier to obtain coverage.  Insurance carriers typically have multiple plans from which to choose, and they can answer any questions you have about purchasing dental insurance.  Furthermore, representatives are available to review the different plans with you to help you assess your needs and choose the one that is right for you and your family.

Through A Broker

An insurance broker can provide the greatest number of options when it comes to choosing a dental insurance plan.  Brokers work with a variety of insurers and have access to the most comprehensive range of plans.  When you provide all of your information to a representative from a brokerage, they will use it to find out which plans best suit your situation.  They will also answer your questions and help you evaluate all of the plans available on the marketplace to ensure you find the one that’s best for you and your family.