How to Build Your Kid’s Healthy Habits with Health Insurance

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Providing for your children financially, physically and emotionally is a parent’s tough job every day. Making certain that health insurance is in place can be an easy way to ensure that you can give them a happy, stable and healthy future. You can put health insurance to use to unlock healthy habits for your children’s entire lifetime.

How to build healthy habits with health insurance

You want your children to be healthy. Health insurance can help you set up good health management habits in your children’s early years. Those health habits can help establish good health management throughout your children’s adult life.

Use health insurance coverage to cover regular dental check-ups and major orthodontics. Have your child’s eyes checked for vision problems that can hamper their school, sports, and even social life and use your insurance to help purchase prescription lenses they need. You can teach your child the importance of taking care of their body, mind and health — and those lessons can last a lifetime.

It’s hard to imagine your child not being healthy

It is very hard to imagine your child being seriously ill or having an accident. But what would happen to your family if they were?

People don’t want to think about their kids getting sick. But childhood illnesses and accidents do happen, and maybe more often than you think. Let’s face it: any parent’s nightmare scenario is their child contracting a serious illness. Most parents think it will never happen to their kids, but one look at Canada’s renowned SickKids hospital (where they run out of beds) suggests it’s a very real threat.


A child’s serious illness or accident turns a parent’s life upside down. There is the obvious huge emotional toll, but the financial impact can’t be ignored. Not only is there the cost of care and rehabilitation, but usually at least one parent will have to stop working to care for their child. Making sure funds are available for unexpected health or dental costs can make the difference between a family being able to recover and have a happy future, and struggling with upcoming costs like education, vacations and retirement because resources were drained.

Don’t make health insurance a second thought

The difficulty most parents face when making insurance decisions about their kids is that it’s an emotional one. But having health insurance in place that covers your children should never be a second thought. If an unexpected accident or illness occurs, the coverage can help ease the cost burden for your family.  And if life goes smoothly, your health insurance can be put to good use for day-to-day healthcare needs for your children to create healthy habits that will last them a lifetime.

Choose good health for your children

After all the other household expenses such as the mortgage, car and house insurance, groceries, and everything else that goes into raising a family, it can be hard to find anything left for extras — and even day-to-day healthcare like dental checkups. But there is nothing extravagant about setting aside funds for insurance to provide adequate protection for the risk of substantial healthcare costs if the unexpected happens.

The good news is you do not have to choose between your health insurance and health insurance for your children. Many health insurance plans cover dependent children under the age of 21, and group plans may continue to cover them until age 25 if they continue their full-time education. Using your funds today to protect against the potential of thousands of dollars of healthcare costs for you and for each of your children is a smart step in taking financial control of your family’s health and future.

Your children depend on your good health to pay for their happy, healthy lifestyle. And they deserve every opportunity to thrive — even if a serious or unexpected health event happens.

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