How to Buy Travel Insurance to Prepare for an Unexpected Trip

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You know planning and buying travel insurance helps you save time, money and stress when the unexpected happens while away from home. But what if you got a call to travel right now?

Travel insurance should always be included in your vacation budget, even if you’re travelling within Canada. Your provincial health plan or your insurance plan through your employer or credit card may not cover everything or may have limitations. But did you know that travel insurance can even help you prepare for an unexpected trip?

When that phone rings and suddenly you need to rush to help with a distant family member’s crisis, hit the road for an emergency business trip, or enjoy the windfall of an exciting, unexpected opportunity for a safe vacation away, you may just forget that you need travel insurance – and that puts you at risk for unexpected out-of-pocket costs.

Just one slip and fall while you are away can cost you hundreds or easily thousands of dollars in medical expenses.

Whether you need to travel outside of your province or outside of Canada, there is one travel insurance solution you should have in place so you are always prepared and protected.

Multi-trip Annual Travel Insurance

Multi-Trip Annual Travel Insurance is smart protection – not just for planned travel during the year, but for unexpected trips, too. This cost-effective coverage covers you for multiple trips up to a certain maximum of days (typically 8, 15, 30 or 60) at any time during the benefit year that is covered by the plan. Here are just some of the costs you can be protected for:

Emergency Medical Travel

  • Emergency treatment, including ambulance transportation
  • Paramedical services and emergency dental treatment
  • Emergency medical evacuation home
  • Arranging for someone to come to your beside
  • Return home of children in the care of the insured or a travel companion
  • Some meal and hotel expenses
  • Return your pet or vehicle home

Trip Cancellation and Interruption and Baggage Loss

  • Reimbursement of the prepaid portion of the trip that is non-refundable and non-transferable
  • Replacement funds if you lose your passport, driver’s license, birth certificate or travel visa (or if they are stolen)
  • Costs for toiletries and clothing you need when your luggage is delayed by the carrier for at least 10 hours while en route

Flight and Travel Accident Protection

  • If you are severely injured or die, there may be a lump sum benefit.

One of the best things about having a Multi-Trip Annual Travel Plan in place is that you will have worldwide access to a toll-free helpline 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to give you the help you need while you are away from home.

What happens if you need to extend your stay?

If it turns out you need to extend your coverage, with some insurers you can purchase extra days of travel insurance protection after you have already left your province, as long as

  • Your current policy has not expired (you cannot extend your coverage if it has already expired)
  • You notify your insurer more than 48 hours before the expiry of your existing coverage
  • You don’t have a claim outstanding on the plan
  • There is no change to your health status
  • Your entire trip outside of Canada, including the extension period, is not longer than the duration allowed by your government health insurance plan.

The “top-up” or extension of your coverage will have an extra premium charge.

Read more about The Magic of Multi-Trip Insurance here and Can I Top Up My Travel Insurance After I Leave For My Trip here.

Get ready for the unexpected today

Visit us online to buy your Multi-Trip Travel Plan today, or give us a call. It’s a good feeling to know you are protected no matter what adventures the next year brings.


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