How To Find Your Best Health Insurance Match For Your Small Business

How To Find Your Best Health Insurance Match For Your Small Business
Are you a small business looking for employee health insurance options? Tell us your story, and we just need a few details to find your best health insurance match.

Knowing how to take care of your work team’s health insurance needs can be challenging, especially when you are starting out or scaling up your small business. Employee benefits are important, and so are business benefits that help your business succeed. That’s why it’s a smart move to look for all the support you can get.

Have you discovered the simple tool that helps you quickly find the best government programs and services matches available for your business? It’s called the Business Benefits Finder by the government department Innovation Canada. It’s great support for your business.

From funding to expert advice to driving new collaborations, you will find programs and services designed to help your business innovate, create jobs, and grow. 

You select the drop-down answer that best represents you and your business

The Business Benefits Finder uses a ‘fill in the blank’ approach to discover details about your business. You select from this series of simple drop-down answer options to choose the objectives, industry and needs that best represent your business:

I’m looking for ______________type of support for my business

COVID-19? Other government support? Or all government support?

I need ___________________ support

Choose from options for funding, loans and capital investments, tax, subsidies and interns, expert advice, partnering and collaboration support

My main goal is to ________________________

Here you can choose as many options as you need: 

Conduct R&D, innovate, develop a product or service, start, or buy a business, buy, or lease equipment or property, grow, and expand my business, sell internationally, hire or train employees, increase working capital, increase productivity, quality, safety or efficiency, reduce pollution or improve energy efficiency, develop the local economy and infrastructure, sell or close a business

Now, tell us about your company or organization…

Select your province and identify your business’ industry and advise how many employees you have.

Within minutes the Innovation Canada site will give have a list of benefits best suited to your business needs, all available to help you grow. It’s that simple.

Growth means maintaining a workforce to retain competitive advantage

As you grow, you will be faced with creating and maintaining a workforce to obtain and retain your competitive advantage. But what happens if you or a member of your team becomes ill or has an accident? Will you be able to stick to the plan?

It’s critical to ensure your team will be resilient and able to work day after day – with the support of health insurance.

Here are just some of the ways you can clearly define how health insurance will help your business:

  • Your team will spend less time worrying about healthcare costs and more time managing your business
  • With out-of-pocket healthcare expenses limited, you will be able to conserve financial resources that could be better spent on building your business
  • You are tangibly demonstrating to your employees that they are valued, strengthening your ability to attract and retain a strong team.

These simple benefits can mean the difference between taking best advantage of the business benefits available to grow and meet sales goals – or not. If your team is side-lined by health issues and the worry of out-of-pocket healthcare costs, it could spell disaster.

You and your employees are already covered by your provincial insurance plan that may pay for medically necessary care, but most people are not covered for the cost of prescription drugs, and must pay out-of-pocket for dental care, routine eye exams, glasses, contact lenses, hearing aids and other medical items or equipment. Your provincial plan coverage also won’t pay for certain preventative services and screening tests. That’s why health insurance can be vital to the health of your business and the health of your employees.

Fill in the blank

Tell us your story. It’s that simple to discover the health insurance plan for your small business.

At SBIS you can call us for expert advice. With just a few questions, you will fill us in on what you need.

One of the first questions is, “How would you like to fund the health insurance you offer?”

Do you want to establish a small business group health insurance plan?

A group benefit package is designed for small businesses with 3 to 10 employees. It can simplify and reduce the cost of offering a health and dental while offering premium stability. The plan can be as comprehensive and affordable as you like – simply choose the health and/or dental plan that best suits your teams’ needs.

Do you want to pay for individual plans for your employees?

This option may be less expensive than a group plan but be aware that individual plans may have more limited maximums for prescription and dental benefits.

Do you want to encourage your staff to get their own individual health insurance plans?

While you may not be able to immediately fund health insurance coverage for them, offering access and information to health insurance helps you establish that you do want to ensure that they will have protection for their health.

At SBIS we will match you to individual and small group health plan options

Here are just some of the options we offer:

Exclusive access to Green Shield Prism Spectra, Precision and Continuum plans

Each of these individual insurance plans features different coverage levels so you can select the best option for your particular needs. Maximize each individual’s healthcare coverage with the highest benefits through a medically underwritten plan or offer access to a guaranteed-issue individual health and dental plan that does not require a medical questionnaire. And if you or your team left an employer group plan within the past 90 days you can take advantage of special guaranteed-issue plan options.

Manulife FlexCare, FollowMe, Association and the Guarantee Issue Enhanced Health and Dental plans

Employees can customize their health insurance offering with add-on options, so your Small Business Health Insurance program is tailored to the unique and specialized needs of your company. It’s an affordable, accommodating way to purchase only the insurance you need. Acceptance can be guaranteed to everyone depending on the plan you choose.

GMS Personal Health, Replacement Health and Group Advantage plans

GMS Personal Health Insurance plans give employees coverage for everyday health needs and medical emergencies so they can afford treatment that helps them feel their best, and there is a plan available for everyone, guaranteed.

If your business has 3 to 10 employees, the GMS Group Advantage Plan allows you to mix and match and deliver a group benefits plan that requires no medical questions and provides quick coverage. This off-the-shelf plan design makes the application process simple so you can get back to business with no major interruptions. You also get an Employee Family Assistance Program (EFAP) that provides wellness benefits to your employees at no extra cost. Employees can use EFAP to access support networks, life coaching and professional counselling services.

Planning to find your match?

If you are ready to find your health insurance match, go online or contact SBIS today. We are always there to help you with free, no-obligation quotes and information.


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