How To Prepare For Travelling Safely: Get Valuable Travel Insurance Protection

How To Prepare For Travelling Safely: Get Valuable Travel Insurance Protection
Hoping to travel safely after saving for months for your trip during the pandemic? Don’t let the unexpected ruin your plans or your finances. Be prepared with travel insurance.

Travelweek surveyed 3,000 Canadians in June 2021 on their travel plans. Their findings? As soon as travel restrictions are lifted after the pandemic is over 1/3rd of those surveyed say they will travel again within three months.  Another 34% say they will travel again within four to six months. Close to 60% say they hope to travel outside of Canada within the year, even if they haven’t made a booking yet.

That’s ‘pent-up’ demand to just get away from home! The great news is that if you have plans to travel your travel options will be boosted by price incentive deals and you may even have travel credits to use up that were issued when trips were cancelled.

Almost 2/3rds of us have saved money throughout the pandemic that may be used towards our long awaited trips. We want to use it wisely. We want to go to destinations where there is cleanliness and social distancing policies in place and low numbers of COVID-19 to be safe.

What else do we need to have to be safe? Travel insurance in place.

You are likely talking to a travel agent about your plans

Travelweek’s survey indicates that the majority of respondents will be talking to a travel agent when they make their upcoming trip plans. Why? The fact is that agents are now considered to have a crucial role in the booking process because they are a trusted expert advisor who

  • understands their needs for comfort and safety
  • can recommend travel plans that fit them
  • guides them through every step of their planned vacation
  • answers any questions they have.

To complete your travel plans, you also need to talk to one more expert.

Talk to us at SBIS for your emergency medical travel insurance needs.

emergency medical travel

If you are hoping to get some new stamps in your passport, you may be surprised to learn that more than a year of travel disruptions due to the pandemic, many countries now require travel insurance for Covid-19 related medical expenses before you can enter the country.

That’s why you should talk to us at SBIS and get travel emergency medical insurance. We understand your needs and the risks you face (and how you can stay protected from unexpected out of pocket costs).

Many Countries require you to obtain travel medical insurance that covers the entire length of your stay, so they do not have to fund treatment for tourists who contract Covid-19. In countries that do not require you to purchase a policy from the government make sure your travel insurance policy meets the country’s requirements and covers Covid-related expenses.

The fact is it is smart to buy more coverage than your destination country’s minimum requirements to be on the safe side, and to choose a plan that includes emergency medical evacuation coverage.

Get travel insurance for other types of problems too

At SBIS we can make recommendations on travel insurance for other types of problems you may encounter, like having your trip cancelled or losing your baggage.

We can guide you on and help you put in place a comprehensive travel insurance plan that includes:

  • Trip cancellation insurance to help protect you, financially, if you need to cancel a trip due to unforeseen circumstances (remember, COVID-19 is a known event, and not a reason for cancellation). The reasons for a cancellation can be personal ones, like illness or injury, the death or critical illness of an immediate family member, a legal obligation, or sudden unemployment that leaves you unable to travel. Trip cancellation insurance can also apply if there is a problem at your destination, like an impending hurricane, a natural disaster, or a state of war.
  • Trip delay and interruption coverage to help you if you miss a portion of your trip or your trip is cut short for a problem covered by your policy such as a late flight, mandatory evacuation at your destination, your host dies or is hospitalized.
  • Baggage loss coverage to pay for lost, damaged, destroyed or stolen baggage and personal effects, anywhere in the world, on water, land or in the air. You are also covered for stolen currency due to theft and payment for personal necessities if your baggage is delayed.

We work with some of the most recognizable names in the travel and health insurance industry in Canada to bring you comprehensive coverage at competitive rates.

We are ready to answer your travel insurance questions

Call us and buy your travel insurance as far ahead of your travel time as possible — especially if you have a pre-existing condition or are over 55. Don’t wait until the day before you leave to call SBIS.

We can help you to be able to complete the forms and any necessary medical questionnaires without hurrying, and you will have the time to read the certificate of coverage from start to finish before you leave. Getting the right insurance is serious business; it’s all about your safety. Get started now by calling us at 1-800-667-0429 during our regular business hours, or emailing us at [email protected] for prompt service at any time.


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