Interested In Immigrants and Visitors To Canada Travel Insurance? Check Out GMS

Interested In Immigrants and Visitors To Canada Travel Insurance? Check Out GMS
While your visitors are staying in Canada, enjoying all it has to offer, Visitors To Canada travel insurance takes care of their emergency medical needs. Let’s see how well you know GMS Immigrants & Visitors to Canada (VTC) plans.

GMS is an SBIS insurance provider that is more than happy to provide immigrants and visitors to Canada, and those looking for Super Visa insurance, with emergency medical coverage.

Ready to test your knowledge on how well you know Visitors To Canada insurance? Here we go!

Which of the following are features of GMS Visitors To Canada travel insurance?

Pop quiz options

If you guessed E, you win! All these features are included in GMS VTC plans.

  • Your visitors can purchase a plan with an easy to use application.
  • No waiting period for coverage if they apply before arriving in Canada or are replacing an existing emergency medical plan.
  • GMS makes it easy for them to submit claims online. They can do it from anywhere using any device!
  • GMS offers 24/7 emergency travel assistance in many languages.

Benefits included with GMS VTC

Here are just some of the benefits offered with GMS VTC (always refer to your policy for complete details).

  • Hospitalization: Covers hospital room and board charges, up to semi-private, unless specified by a physician (if medically necessary, charges for intensive and coronary care units are included)
  • Medical Services: Covers the cost of treatment by physician or surgeon
  • Diagnostic Services: Covers the cost of x-rays and other diagnostic tests
  • Out-patient Medical Treatment: Covers the cost of out-patient emergency room charges
  • In-Hospital Prescription Drugs: Covers the cost of prescription drugs and medication prescribed by a physician (to a maximum of a 30-day prescription)
  • Ambulance
  • Accidental Dental
  • Transportation back to your visitor’s country of origin for further medical treatment with pre-approval by GMS
  • Chiropractor, physiotherapy, massage and more
  • X-rays and other diagnostic tests.

Get to know more!

Here are more of the features that make GMS VTC plans a great option.

  • Online Claims make it quick and easy to send your claim from anywhere using any device.
  • Coverage for COVID-19 related emergency medical expenses.
  • No waiting period if you apply before arriving in Canada or are replacing an existing emergency medical plan issued by a Canadian insurer.
  • Choice of deductible – $0, $100, $500 or $1,000.
  • Choice of insurance amount – $25,000, $50,000, $100,000 or $150,000.
  • No medical questions if the person applying is under 55 years of age.
  • Side-trip travel coverage for up to 30 days to any other country (provided it is not your country of origin), as long as the majority of the trip is spent in Canada and there’s no travel advisory to “Avoid non-essential travel” or “Avoid all travel” from the Government of Canada for the destination.
  • 24/7 travel assistance service provided in a number of different languages.
  • Direct billing with many health providers, so your visitors can keep their money in their pocket.

GMS VTC features Virtual Care

When an insured calls GMS Travel Assistance they’ll determine if virtual care is the best option for a minor health emergency. Some of the things it can help with are:

  • lower back pain
  • minor sprains and injuries
  • eye infections
  • urinary tract infections
  • skin infections
  • stomach flu and common cold symptoms.

With Virtual Care the insured can contact a medical professional by phone or video access instead of having to go to a hospital or clinic for consultation or medical advice.

Frequently Asked Questions about GMS VTC

Is there an age limit for Immigrants & Visitors to Canada coverage?

Yes. The person covered under the plan must be under the age of 80 on the effective date of this plan. (SBIS has other plans for Visitors Over 80)

Will the person be covered if they take a trip to another country during their stay in Canada?

It depends. They will have coverage as long as:

  • The trip is for 30 days or less
  • There is no “avoid all travel” advisory for the destination and there is no “avoid non-essential travel” advisory for the destination
  • The trip originates and terminates in Canada
  • The total days outside of Canada are not greater than 50% of the total period of coverage
  • They are not travelling to their country of origin.

I’m a Canadian citizen moving back to Canada and I don’t have government health coverage. Can I purchase a plan?

Absolutely! The GMS VTC plan can cover you until your provincial health coverage kicks in.

Is pregnancy covered?

If your visitor is pregnant or plans to be while visiting, pre-natal care and delivery are not covered.

Have more questions? At SBIS we’ll gladly answer them

For more information on the importance of Visitors To Canada insurance, you can read our information blog, or give us a call.

SBIS offers other affordable VTC plan options too! Whether it is GMS or one of our other carriers, when you are looking forward to a wonderful visit from those you dearly miss to introduce your spouse, your grandkids, show them your home or your wonderful country, our friendly SBIS experts are happy to help put the coverage your visitors need in place. Give us a call today at 416.601.0429 or 1.800.667.0429 toll-free.


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