Introducing Your Access2 Benefits with GSC Health Insurance and BEACON

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Now more than ever, digital health care is vital to taking care of yourself and your family. Discover the valuable health insurance services you get with Green Shield Canada’s YourAccess2 Benefits platform!

We used to consult a map to find how to get to the healthcare providers we needed. Now, we consult online. But just like reading a map, finding and following the most direct and effective route to taking care of our health can be a challenge.

That’s why GSC has introduced Your Access2 Benefits. GSC continually evolves how the health insurance they deliver works, providing financial protection for out-of-pocket costs for prescription drugs, dental work, physiotherapists and more, to giving you access to free support tools that fit today’s healthcare needs.

Introducing Access2Benefits

Access2 Benefits is a new digital platform exclusively available to GSC health insurance holders.

When you receive your GSC Prism plan welcome kit, you will register for your GSC Online Services to

  • submit claims online
  • sign up for direct deposit (no more waiting for cheques to arrive in the mail)
  • check your coverage eligibility
  • find providers who submit electronically to GSC (so you don’t have to)
  • engage with Change4Life
  • discover much more… including free access to healthcare services.

And by downloading the GSC on the Go® free mobile app, you’ll get access to your benefits from anywhere.

Access2Benefits features access to

  • Legal Assistance
    Quick, easy, free access to unlimited summary legal advice on the telephone, offered in partnership with Sykes Assistance Services. Receive guidance about most major types of law including family, criminal, civil litigation, landlord and tenant, residential real estate and wills and estates.
  • Maple Telemedicine
    Online access to a Canadian-licensed doctor for medical care within minutes, 24/7. GSC individual customers receive preferred pricing.
  • PocketPills
    The full pharmacy experience delivered remotely, from consultations with a pharmacist to low dispensing fees to ongoing disease management — and free home delivery.
    No-cost digital therapy for mental health management.

Discover digital therapy that improves your mental health with BEACON

Having good mental health is important for our self-care and caring for our families.

Sometimes we can feel overwhelmed. Things can feel out of control and sometimes we just feel down.

Sometimes bouncing back to our “happy place” is not that easy. That’s why GSC now delivers help with BEACON digital therapy — available as part of your GSC health insurance plan at no cost. BEACON is designed to help you bounce back by building resilience to help you cope.

BEACON provides clinically-proven Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), an evidence-based form of psychological therapy considered the gold standard when it comes to helping plan members who

  • feel depressed
  • feel anxious
  • fight feelings of panic
  • have difficulty sleeping
  • have health anxiety, or
  • suffer from post-traumatic stress.

With regular CBT practice and guidance, you will get better at managing the distressing thoughts and behaviours that come along with stressful, challenging situations. Participating in CBT can be difficult at first, but with commitment to therapy, you will see your resilience grow.

You use BEACON wherever and whenever you choose — all on your phone, tablet, or computer — with no appointments to keep. BEACON can be there for you anywhere, any time you need it. You will be guided by an experienced, regulated and registered mental health professional at no extra cost.

To enroll, a participant must be 16 years of age or older.  Access to a dedicated therapist is available for up to 12 weeks for extra support and coping skills.

To learn more about how BEACON works visit

Don’t have GSC Health Insurance? We can help.

If you are interested in getting health insurance that protects against out-of-pocket healthcare costs and delivers healthcare support, SBIS has many options, including GSC Prism plans.  Click here to find out more about SBIS and GSC today.


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