Is Your Adult Child Still Covered Under Your Dental Insurance Plan?

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Good job, Mom and Dad! It seems like just moments ago you were bringing your sweet little baby home from the hospital.  And yet here they stand before you, in some cases standing taller than you, a full-fledged grown up.  You have taken care of everything for them for the last 18+ years, so it’s only natural for you to want to keep looking after them.  Before they get that last push out of the nest, you should do them one more favour and check to see if they’re still covered under your dental insurance plan.

While they may still be YOUR baby, most insurance carriers consider your child an adult at the age of 21, though there may be some exceptions for full-time students and those with mental or physical disabilities.  To find out if these exceptions apply to your family, you must contact your insurance broker or carrier.

Higher Education

If yours is one of the many kids attending college or university as a full-time student, they may still be covered under your group plan. If they’re not, and though it may be the furthest thing from a young adult’s mind, it’s best for them to apply for separate coverage within 60 days of losing your group benefits. Some coverage might be available through their school. In fact, health and dental insurance may already be included in their student activity fees. However, your son or daughter can probably opt out of the school’s coverage (and get their money back!) if they are still covered under your group plan. Make sure they review their student benefits carefully! Think of it as just one more piece of life advice you can give before they branch out on their own.

The Early Years – Career Wise

Everyone dreams of that first big job out of school with great benefits, a huge salary and a sweet amount of vacation time. The reality for most new grads is a contract job with a relatively low salary, probably a part-time gig with no paid vacation time. Benefits? Also a no. Though it’s likely a bitter pill for an optimistic new grad to swallow, the cost of treating a dental emergency may be more than they can bear or afford. Advising your temporarily employed offspring to buy dental insurance won’t be a popular conversation, but when keeping up with regular dental maintenance saves them a great deal of pain and money further down the line, it will be a conversation you’ll both be glad you had. Even if they refuse to admit it.


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