Joanna’s Manulife Vitality Story with “Win-Win” Health Insurance

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One word that SBIS uses to describe Manulife’s Vitality program is “positive.” We love empowering our clients in their health story.

Every day at SBIS, we work to help clients get exactly what they want — health insurance that fits their needs. Now we are proud to introduce a program that fits what they want in their life. It’s called Manulife Vitality.

Manulife Vitality’s Win-Win Nature

What gets us excited is the win-win nature of Vitality. Not only do families get vital protection against the unexpected costs of healthcare, when they participate in the Vitality program and do things that are positive for a healthier lifestyle, they are recognized for that and rewarded.

Even small steps, like going to the dentist or walking every day, make a difference. Vitality helps people to make goals and meet them while reducing their premiums over time. We think that is all good.

Vitality is not a complex program. We hope everyone naturally wants to improve their life and their well-being, whether it’s physical or mental, and the Manulife Vitality program allows you to do that through natural daily living.

Joanna G’s Story

Joanna chose Vitality insurance. Before the program, she would say she was weight conscious, but now she thinks of herself more as wellness-minded. Her hectic life as a self-employed mother of three had made her less physically active, but now she pays much more attention to living a healthy lifestyle by focusing more on healthy food, getting outside, and moving around more.

Joanna finds the Manulife Vitality program is the best of two worlds: her insurance gives her the health coverage she needs, and it also encourages her to live a healthy lifestyle.

Joanna has used the Vitality website to set goals for herself, and there she finds tons of health information she can trust.

Every month, she does the Vitality Squares, where she earns points and Amazon gift cards which she then uses to purchase things like fitness bands and running shoes. She loves that.

Because of Manulife Vitality, Joanna has dropped three jeans sizes and feels good about taking the best care of herself that she can. These days, she feels like she’s more present for her family.

See Joanna tell her story here

Talk to us today about Vitality

Manulife’s Vitality program is available not only with life insurance; you can choose it on your Flexcare or FollowMe Health and Dental insurance from SBIS.

Want to learn more about Manulife Vitality? Check out this blog.

And if you are ready to get started on your win-win with great health insurance and a healthier lifestyle, give us a call or go online.


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