Long-term (182+ days) Emergency Medical Travel Insurance

Long-term (182+ days) emergency medical travel insurance

Long-term (182+ days) emergency medical travel insurance

When planning on spending an extended time working, studying or living abroad, there are many issues for you to consider. Deciding on out-of-country health insurance is a critical one.

Be confident knowing you’re protected for the entire length of your stay

Taking advantage of the health and travel insurance benefits offered by Special Benefits will lessen some of the stresses associated with living in a foreign country where you are not covered by government health plans, while ensuring you have access to medical services worldwide, should a medical emergency occur.

Working with leading carriers of travel insurance, like Destination, Tugo, Manulife and Blue Cross Travel Health Plans, Special Benefits can help you find long-term travel insurance that fits your needs and your budget.

NOTE: You must have Provincial Government Health Care for the entire duration of your trip.

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