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Manulife has a long and storied history of providing insurance and financial services in Canada and all over the world. For over 100 years, Manulife has offered financial protection through flexible, comprehensive insurance products and wealth management products and services that have secured the financial future of Manulife customers all over the world.

Special Benefits Insurance Services offers a broad range of products from Manulife Financial for our clients. We are proud to offer their unique, comprehensive products to cover the health, dental and travel insurance needs of our valued clients.

Health and Dental Insurance from Manulife Financial

Manulife offers health and dental insurance for Canadians who are not covered by group benefit plans. While provincial insurance covers doctor’s visits and most medical tests, there are many healthcare services that fall outside of government insurance plans. The out-of-pocket expenses can include prescription drugs, medical equipment, registered therapists, vision care and dental care to name just a few, all expenses that can add up quickly for the uninsured.

Manulife Financial offers many health and dental insurance plans that allow you to select a level of coverage that fits your budget while providing the type of benefits your family needs. Once you have secured coverage with Manulife Financial through Special Benefits Insurance Services, it will continue with no age limit.

Our valued clients are eligible for competitive rates and packages for their unique health and dental insurance needs through Manulife Financial. See the online application forms for more information.

To determine which plan best suits your health and dental needs, follow the links below:

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Travel Insurance

When you travel outside of Canada, your provincial health insurance does not travel with you. Manulife Financial offers insurance protection for travel out of the province or out of the country. Travel insurance can help protect against the financial hardship that can come with the need to seek treatment for a medical emergency while traveling. Special Benefits Insurance Services will work as your liaison with Manulife to make sure you get the right coverage for your family.

Travel insurance options from Manulife Financial include an Emergency Medical Plan for unexpected medical emergencies that happen during your trip. Those traveling to the U.S. with this coverage can enjoy the added benefit of StandbyMD , which allows fast access to medical specialists, chiropractors, dentists, walk-in clinics, urgent care centres or more than 50,000 hospitals for evaluation and treatment.

When all of your travel is within Canada, the Travel Canada Plan can provide affordable emergency medical benefits that may not be fully refunded by your province of residence. Travel insurance in Canada will refund costs that the provincial government excludes, or covers at a different rate.

Single-trip insurance offers occasional travelers the peace of mind they need to ensure their medical needs are covered in an emergency. This insurance is intended for the infrequent traveler or those for whom travel is limited to one trip per year. Single-trip insurance is a cost-effective choice that gives the option to cover the exact number of days that you will be away.

Those who travel often, like business travelers or frequent cross-border shoppers, will find multi-trip insurance better suits their needs. Multi-trip insurance covers every trip taken in a single 12-month period. These policies are also available online, and feature the added convenience of an email confirmation of coverage.

Top-up insurance can be purchased to add extra days to a trip covered by a multi-trip plan, even one that is protected by a company benefits plan.  However, if you should choose to extend your trip once in your destination, top-up insurance gives you the flexibility to add more days to an existing trip. Buying single-trip insurance online is a convenient choice, and an email confirmation of coverage is issued immediately.

For your pre-arranged travel plans, you may find the All-Inclusive Plan offers the best value. In addition to Emergency Medical insurance, the All-Inclusive plan can provide coverage for trip cancellation, baggage loss or delay, vehicle return, transportation of a loved one to you, air ambulance, and other unexpected hazards that come with travel. You can also buy Trip Cancellation or Interruption insurance separately.

Insurance for Students, Visitors and Returning Canadians

While we often associate travel insurance with short trips out of the country, there are special circumstances where insurance to cover a longer trip is warranted. These situations include:

  • Studying in Canada: International Students are not covered by health insurance programs in Canada. If you are visiting Canada to study, International Student Travel Insurance will provide coverage if you need to see a doctor while you are in Canada.
  • Insurance for Visitors to Canada: Visitors to Canada need private insurance because they are not covered by government insurance plans. This means if you get sick or injured during your visit, you will need to pay for emergency  treatment out of pocket, unless you have medical insurance coverage for your visit.
  • Returning Canadians: Canadians who have been out of the country for longer than approximately six months (varies by province) are subject to a waiting period before their provincial insurance coverage resumes. During this waiting period, you will need to have private insurance coverage if you need emergency medical care.

Whether it’s coverage for a trip or for your ongoing health and dental insurance needs, Special Benefits Insurance Services can help you choose the right plan form Manulife Financial. Contact us today to get started.

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Thank you Kasia for your diligence in notifying me upon approval of my application. I will as stated, out of courtesy, notify Great West Life, that I will not be proceeding with the application with them. I am pleased, as Green Shield was my first choice.


You have made my day! I don’t think I have ever received such good service from any company before. Thank you so much for sending those reports to me. I plan to submit the info to the government and maybe get a little refund. Every penny counts.

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