Manulife Flexcare

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Comprehensive coverage with Manulife Flexcare

Since 1887, Manulife Financial has been helping to protect the financial interests of Canadians through sound insurance and wealth management principles. By carefully crafting insurance products, like Manulife Flexcare, the company furthers its position as a leader in helping Canadians to protect themselves financially.

Designed to help offset the cost of seeking treatments that are not covered by provincial healthcare plans in Canada, Manulife Flexcare offers a wide range of health and dental insurance plans. Some Flexcare plans are offered on a “guaranteed acceptance” basis, which means they are available without the need of a medical questionnaire, while others will require the completion of a medical history form.

With customizable add-on features, Manulife Flexcare customers can pick and choose separate coverages to get exactly what they need out of their health and dental insurance. Add-ons under the Manulife Flexcare plan can include:

We can help you make your selections from the available options for a highly-tailored insurance solution.

Bridging coverage gaps

With core plans under the Manulife Flexcare line, and the custom add-ons that are available to Special Benefits customers, you can obtain coverage for services that fall outside provincial insurance coverage plans. Services that are not covered by the provincial government include:

Who can benefit from Manulife Flexcare?

Special Benefits works with you to help choose the right core plan and add-ons for your Manulife Flexcare plan to get only the coverage you need. A custom solution is possible for you, regardless of your current or past health status. We provide health insurance plans to those in need of coverage, including:

Essentially, if you do not have access to group benefits coverage through your employer, your parents, or your spouse, we can help you get the insurance coverage that best suits your needs and budget.

Get the most out of health insurance

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