Manulife’s COVID-19 Pandemic Travel Plan

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Whether it’s a work commitment or an unexpected (but necessary) visit to see family, in today’s world you need specialized travel insurance that can help provide medical coverage in the event of illness due to COVID-19.

Manulife and SBIS strongly encourage you to adhere to the recommendations of the Government of Canada and medical professionals around the world during this time. But Manulife supports the health and safety of Canadians who do decide to travel by offering specialized travel insurance for COVID-19.

Who can apply for coverage?

If you are a resident of Canada and are covered by your province or territory’s health insurance, you can apply for Manulife’s COVID-19 Pandemic Travel Plan.

There are no medical questions asked if you are under the age of 60.

Family coverage is available and helps you save when a maximum of two adults plus their children or grandchildren (under 60) travel together.

You are not eligible for this coverage if

  • Your doctor has advised you not to travel
  • You have a terminal illness or metastatic cancer
  • Your kidney condition requires dialysis
  • You use home oxygen
  • You have had a transplant (organ, bone marrow or stem cell)

What does the COVID-19 Pandemic Travel Plan Cover?

For the duration of your trip, the plan covers many emergency medical costs including

Health Services like doctor, hospital and paramedical services and emergency dental treatment.

Transportation costs for ambulances, emergency medical transportation to return home and visits to your bedside if you are travelling alone. The plan also helps take care of costs to return your children and travel companion, pet, vehicle and excess baggage home.

You get protection for extra hotel, meal, and childcare costs as well as phone charges.

With this Manulife travel insurance you get

  • Up to $5,000,000 of emergency medical coverage not associated with COVID-19
  • Up to $200,000 of emergency medical coverage for COVID-19 and related conditions after a positive test result while you are at your destination, including emergency air transport to return you home
  • Up to $150 per day for quarantine expenses after you have tested positive for COVID-19, or been denied entry to your destination

If you are away at a destination that the Canadian government considers an “Avoid Non-Essential Travel” risk and the risk is upgraded to “Avoid All Travel” while you are there, you will be covered for $500 to spend on return airfare and meals and accommodations. (Read Does My Travel Insurance Cover Me in a Country With a Travel Advisory? for more information.)

What is not covered by the plan?

The Manulife COVID-19 Travel plan excludes

  • Cruises of any kind
  • A Pre-existing medical condition that is not stable
  • Heart conditions that are not stable or require nitroglycerine to relieve angina pain
  • Lung conditions that are not stable or require treatment with oxygen or prednisone

A pre-existing condition means any medical condition that exists before your effective date of coverage. A medical condition means any disease, sickness or injury (including symptoms of undiagnosed conditions). A medical condition is considered stable when you meet ALL these conditions:

  • You have not been recommended or prescribed a new treatment or a change to your existing treatment (including stopping the treatment).
  • You have not started new medication or changed yours, including how often or how much you take, and you have not been advised to start a new prescription drug.
  • Your medical condition has not become worse.
  • You have not had any new, more frequent, or more severe symptoms.
  • You have not been hospitalized or referred to a specialist.
  • You have not had any tests, you are not waiting for investigation or treatment that is recommended but not done yet, and you are not waiting for test results.
  • You have no planned or pending treatment.

Need to travel?  We Can Help You Stay Safe

As a travel insurance broker, SBIS has a long track record of helping to protect you and your well-being when you travel, and we are committed to doing the right thing for our customers.


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