To make informed decisions about health and dental insurance, you need to start by getting the facts. Reading our collection of articles about health and dental insurance in Canada will help you save time and money as you discover more about how insurance works, and how the choices you make now will affect you in the future.

Ecotherapy, Health Insurance, SBIS, Mental Health
Health Insurance
June 19, 2024
Harnessing the healing power of nature can be wonderful for our physical and mental health. Sometimes we don’t nurture this connection, and it can take a toll on our well-being. And sometimes even ecotherapy has its health risks.
Employee Health, Compensation Plan, Health Insurance
Employer & HR
June 12, 2024
Creating an employee compensation model is a critical business puzzle. What is the better investment: offering a raise or offering health benefits? The first thing to consider is this: health is wealth.
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Travel Insurance
June 5, 2024
If you are staying in Canada but are from another country, you may not be covered for the cost of medical care. That means you must pay out of pocket. Fortunately, there are travel insurance options that can help.
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Health Insurance
May 15, 2024
Being without employer health insurance doesn’t mean you’re without options to help you safeguard your health. In fact, there are many avenues to finding the right health insurance plan for your unique needs.
Travel Insurance
May 8, 2024
When choosing travel insurance, its important to always remember the Four Golden Rules that will help you find the right travel medical insurance every time.
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Employer & HR
May 1, 2024
With Canada’s job vacancy rate higher than it’s been in nearly a decade, you likely have more open positions than you can find talent to fill them. Creating an attractive compensation package is vital – and including virtual health care is more valuable than you may realize.
Smiling older man
Health Insurance
April 24, 2024
When it comes to our health as we age, often we focus on physical health – managing a chronic condition or having support to recover from an accident. Its also critical to consider – do you have adequate financial support for your mental health and wellness?
Travel Insurance
April 17, 2024
AI – or artificial intelligence – is exploding into our everyday lives. Without doubt we can take advantage of this evolutionary leap in technology in many ways, but is it practical when it comes to making the best insurance decisions?
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Employer & HR
April 10, 2024
The idea of a 4-day work week is gaining popularity in Canada. Can it work to keep your business healthy? Can your employees remain as productive? Yes – especially if you add in the support of health insurance.
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Health Insurance, Travel Insurance
April 3, 2024
Graduation is a rite of passage into adulthood when your graduate begins to pay for things themselves including out-of-pocket costs for medical and dental care. What better gift can you give than insurance protection for their health and their healthy finances?
Time and money
Health Insurance
March 27, 2024
Too often we don’t like to talk about money, but that’s not really healthy. Health insurance after retirement in Canada is a topic of concern for many individuals, especially those living with chronic health conditions.
Travel Insurance
March 20, 2024
You can count on us at SBIS to partner with the leading insurers you can trust to meet your travel insurance needs. We’re excited to offer you new travel insurance options from TuGo!
Working parent
Employer & HR
March 13, 2024
To attract and retain employees, helping them build their family can go a long way. Providing access to health insurance that includes an emphasis on family is the right step to modernizing your support.
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Health Insurance
March 6, 2024
You never want to play around with your healthcare options – in fact, most of us are always trying to be better! So how do you give yourself the best advantage with health insurance?
Check out Prism
Health Insurance
February 28, 2024
Sometimes getting the healthcare you need can be frustrating and then you may end up needing to pay out-of-pocket for your treatment. That’s where PRISM health coverage can help. 
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Health Insurance
February 21, 2024
A massage certainly sounds inviting at the end of a long week, whether your days are filled with back-breaking labour or sedentary sitting in an office. Health insurance plans cover massage therapy – do you know how to maximize your benefits?