Saved by Travel Insurance: Jane’s Real-Life Story (video)

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As a traveler, you welcome new experiences… except when an illness or accident happens. Watch this true story from a real person saved by travel insurance.

Most everyone knows that purchasing travel insurance not only protects you and your loved ones from emergency medical expenses while travelling, it also helps to protect your bank account.

But did you know it’s equally important that when friends and family members travel, you should always get a copy of their travel insurance information before they leave?

Watch this Manulife client’s real-life story

Jane, from Vancouver, B.C., knew her brother was travelling alone to Italy – a country new to him, where he expected to have a storybook experience in Tuscany. Before he left for vacation, he gave Jane copies of his travel insurance information – and it’s a good thing he did.

When Jane’s brother fell seriously ill in Italy with a stroke, she was called to the scene. Their travel insurance claim saved them over $48,000, and helped save her brother’s life.

Jane’s real-life story – Saved by Travel Insurance

Travel insurance makes sense for your friends and family

Helping someone if they are ill or have had an accident is always stressful. In case you are ever called on to help your loved ones like Jane was, it’s sensible to make certain that their travel insurance is in place.

Whether travelling for business or pleasure, unexpected travel and health problems can occur any hour of the day, any day of the week.  With a call to your Emergency Travel Assistance provider’s 1-800 number you can receive

  • Evacuation if it’s urgent and medically necessary (by the most appropriate means, including medical ambulance or helicopter when necessary and available)
  • Medical assistance dealing with the hospital or treatment center – especially if there is a language barrier
  • Translation services to help you understand the medical diagnosis, treatment options and travel management and help monitoring your treatment
  • Updates to your family, employer and home physician on your medical condition, if required
  • Emergency medical expenses for treatment at the hospital or by a doctor at the local medical centre
  • Surgery fees and medications
  • Coordinate flights and arrangements for friends or family members to visit your bedside if it is recommended by your doctor
  • Repatriation if you’re seriously ill or injured and unable to continue your trip, or to return you and your travelling companion if you are in the hospital after your return flight leaves
  • Care team support when medically necessary for travel home
  • Return your dependent children if you are unable to care for them due to your medical emergency
  • Returning your vehicle if you are physically unable to do that yourself due to illness or injury

Recommend that travellers you know contact SBIS

If you are recommending travel insurance protection to friends and family, just give them SBIS’s number. You and your family can trust the companies SBIS trusts (like Manulife, Destination Travel or Tugo) to cover you for emergency illness and accidents.

We make it easy for them to get the right coverage for unexpected medical expenses when travelling. They can click to go online or call us at 1-800-667-0429. We’re open from Monday to Friday, 8:45 a.m. to 4:45 p.m. ET. At SBIS, we are always here to help.


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