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Do you want to shop and compare health insurance products online? No problem. Getting coverage is easy at SBIS.

SBIS helps you buy health benefits for both routine and unexpected health-related expenses. Some plans offer guaranteed acceptance, with no health questions asked, even if you have an existing health condition. If you are not worried about existing medical issues, other plans that offer more extensive coverage may be ideal for you and you will be asked some health questions when you apply.

Meet our Insurance Providers

At SBIS you can select health insurance plans from

  • Green Shield Canada (GSC)
    Canada’s only national not-for-profit health and dental benefits specialist since the 1950s keeps you covered, no matter what. GSC was founded by a pharmacist who joined with four others to pool their resources and create Canada’s first prepaid health plan. When you become a GSC customer, you’ll not only get the confidence that comes from knowing you have a comprehensive health insurance plan that will help protect against routine and unforeseen healthcare expenses, but the confidence of great customer service, too.
  • Manulife
    Manulife believes your insurance protection should be just that — yours. It should fit into your life, not the other way around. That’s why their health insurance plans are designed with a deep understanding of their customers’ objectives, priorities and challenges, and it’s why they invest in supporting an exceptional customer experience from choosing your plan to managing your claims.

Interested in knowing what plan you should pick?

We make that easy. You can fill out your basic information and get an instant online quote to discover the monthly costs of a few of the plans we offer (and you can call us for more options).

All health insurance plans cover healthcare costs for both routine and unexpected health-related expenses.

Some plans offer guaranteed acceptance insurance. If you currently have a health condition (like diabetes or high blood pressure that requires treatment to manage), you can still qualify for these health insurance plans.

Other plans offer more extensive coverage and ask some health questions when you apply. If you’re not worried about existing medical conditions or are not taking any prescriptions on a regular/maintenance basis these may be the right plans for you and your family. If you have a health condition, your plan may have certain coverage limit maximums or exclude benefits related to your condition.

If you are losing your group benefits, you can apply for specially designed individual health insurance coverage within 90 days, and these plans will cover your current health conditions.

And SBIS not only helps you take care of your family, you can also provide health coverage as an incentive for your employees. Health & Dental Insurance through SBIS offers you a variety of options to purchase coverage for everyone you want to protect.

Start Shopping Now

If you are thinking about health insurance, you can choose from multiple coverage options in two minutes or less.

You can buy and compare GSC health insurance here:

Apply for a GSC Continuum Health Plan here if you are coming off a group health plan and are looking for your current medications to be paid for. This is a guaranteed program so you cannot be declined as long as you are losing company group benefits or have lost them within the last 90 days.

Apply for a GSC Precision Health Plan here if you are looking for a cost-effective program for basic services not covered by your provincial health plan. Some of the plans offer minimal prescription drug and dental coverage, while others provide a comprehensive dental plan with no prescription coverage.

Apply for a GSC Spectra Health Plan here if you are healthy and take very few or no medications. The medications you are taking may be excluded under a Spectra plan. If you are unsure if your medication(s) will be covered, give us a call. This program is an underwritten program, which means your eligibility is based on your current medical condition and the prescription(s) you may be taking. Make sure you fill out all information boxes and read and check all checkboxes in order to apply successfully.

Want to know what Manulife has to offer? Go here:

Apply for a Manulife Flexcare Plan here if you are looking for a plan designed to offer flexibility and choice. A wide selection of FlexCare Core plans provide coverage for varying levels of drug and dental benefits, along with vision care, extended healthcare, travel insurance and more. Select a Core plan that provides dental coverage, drug coverage or a combination of both. Then select Add-Ons to further increase coverage in the areas that you need, or choose Stand-Alone options without purchasing a Flexcare Core plan.

Apply for a Manulife FollowMe Plan here, specially designed to offer health and dental coverage when group health benefits come to an end. You can apply at any age and stay covered for as long as you want. Your coverage is guaranteed with no medical questions when you apply and pay your first premium within 90 days of your employee benefits ending. No medical questionnaire is required. FollowMe Health insurance plan may not provide the exact coverage and maximums that you may have had under your group health insurance plan, but will provide a full range of healthcare coverage that you need.

Apply for a Manulife Association Plan here to enjoy competitive low rates negotiated by SBIS on your behalf and have the confidence of flexible plan options just like those offered to over 200 professional and alumni associations, retail groups and financial institutions across Canada.

Remember, know the terms of your purchase

Here are some important things to keep in mind when you purchase your coverage.

  • Effective Date of Coverage
    If your application is approved, coverage is generally effective the first day of the month following the approval of the application.
  • Medically Necessary
    Medically necessary treatments, services or supplies are eligible for coverage. “Medically necessary” means a treatment, service or supply which is generally accepted by the medical profession as essential, effective and appropriate in the care and treatment of a medical condition, sickness or injury.
  • Emergency Medical Travel Benefits and Pre-Existing Conditions
    You will only be eligible for emergency medical travel benefits if existing or pre-diagnosed conditions are completely stable for a period of time from 90 days up to 9 months depending on the plan you have selected and you are fit to travel (in the opinion of your insurance provider) at the time of departure from your province of residence. Your insurer reserves the right to review your medical information at the time of claim.Emergency medical travel benefits do not cover any hospital or medical care for childbirth occurring within eight (8) to 14 weeks of the expected delivery date based on the plan you have selected, or deliberate termination of pregnancy.
  • Hospitalization for Pregnancy
    Reimbursement will not be made for hospitalization due to pregnancy or pregnancy-related conditions which commence during the 10-month period following the covered person’s coverage effective date.
  • Newborns
    Evidence of health is not required for a newborn child if the application is submitted within 30 days following the date of birth. Upon approval, coverage will become effective on a date determined by your insurer.

You will receive a copy of your completed and signed application in your welcome package from your insurer.

Want to learn more?

If you prefer to read a bit more about your options, please do. Search our resources for more information or give us a call. At SBIS we are proud to help you and your family.


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