Stressed? Sleepless? Discover Manulife’s Free HealthyMind With Vitality Health Insurance

Stressed? Sleepless? Discover Manulife's Free HealthyMind With Vitality Health Insurance
Need some support with your mental wellbeing these days? Health insurance can help. Discover how Manulife’s HealthyMind can get you started on meditation and support.

Meditation may not be the first choice for everyone, but today’s stressors make it the right time to learn how it can help as part of a daily wellness routine. Experienced meditators agree: a daily meditation practice can have significant benefits for mental and physical health.

So, what is meditation? It can be different for everyone. There are practices from different traditions, cultures, spiritual disciplines, and religions. It is your individual preference that helps you choose the one that works best for you.

That’s why Manulife has introduced HealthyMind as part of the Vitality program.

Vitality helps you develop good health habits and change your mindset

When you take steps to better your health, the impact can be far-reaching… and rewarding.

Manulife Vitality is a program that engages Canadians in unique ways to get healthier and awards Vitality Points. From choosing simple activities like eating well and exercising, the more engaged members are, the more Vitality Points they can earn and the greater the rewards.

Manulife Vitality delivers health insurance with your FlexCare or FollowMe coverage plus the opportunity to earn rewards and save on how much you pay for your plan – all while improving your health.

How does HealthyMind work?

HealthyMind is designed to bring awareness to your mental and emotional well-being by practicing meditation. You earn Vitality Points for taking steps towards a healthier and calmer mind by adding mindful minutes into your daily wellness routine.

Earn 10 Vitality Points for recording 10 or more total meditation minutes per day for up to 500 Vitality Points per program year. You can earn your daily meditation minutes by using one, or multiple, of these supported meditation apps:

  • Breathe (iOS only) helps you take moments throughout the day to stop, relax, and practice mindfulness with a series of deep, calming breaths to help reduce stress and improve overall health.
  • Headspace (Android, iOS) gives you access to a full library of sleep exercises for nighttime and audio experiences to make daytime happier with meditations, workouts, and inspiring videos.
  • Buddhify (Android, iOS) is a meditation app designed to fit into a busy modern lifestyle, known for its beauty and loved and used around the world.
  • Calm (Android, iOS) improves your well-being by promoting better sleep, reducing stress and anxiety, and developing more mindfulness.

Choose and download your preferred meditation app(s) and link it to your Apple’s Health app or your Google Fit to record your minutes of activity. Allow Manulife Vitality access to read your Mindful Minutes from the Health app, or your Meditation Minutes from Google Fit.

You will be awarded 10 Vitality Points for each day you complete a minimum of 10 minutes of meditation. These do not need to be consecutive minutes. The maximum number of points you can earn per program year is 500. That’s 10 points for your first 50 meditation sessions every year.

Meditation Wheel

Get started now with Vitality

Vitality starts with the Manulife health insurance products you can trust to save money. Your plan will reimburse you for many routine and unexpected health-related expenses that may not be covered by your government health insurance.

Your Vitality health insurance premiums start low, and when you accumulate points every year and achieve a status level, you can keep that low premium. If you only accumulate a few Vitality Points in the year, your premium may increase a little. If you do no activity, you will have a slightly larger premium increase.

But imagine this, if you earn a lot of Vitality Points in a year you get an even lower premium. That’s a great ‘money in your pocket’ reward!


From guaranteed issue to comprehensive health and dental benefits, FlexCare offers affordable health and dental coverage for you and your family. Your coverage stays with you, even if you change jobs or your health changes.


When employee benefits end, FollowMe offers continuous health and dental coverage for you and your family — and your acceptance is guaranteed!

Make mental health benefits part of your health insurance plan now

There are so many positive side effects of meditation: increased awareness, clarity, compassion, and a sense of calm. It can help with managing depression, anxiety, and pain related to stress. It can lower blood pressure, heart rate, and oxygen consumption, which results in higher energy levels and better immunity and sleep.

If you want to be more mentally resilient and improve your health its time to get Manulife’s Vitality. Learn more about how to save money on health insurance with Manulife Vitality here. Interested in getting rewards with your health insurance? Get the facts on the rewards that Vitality offers here.

Go online at SBIS to choose from FlexCare or FollowMe today.


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