The Dark Side of Going without Dental Insurance

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Canada's comprehensive health care coverage is not without its flaws. There is a notable exclusion of some treatments that are critical to our overall well-being. Chief among those exclusions are ongoing dental examinations and treatments. In today's uncertain economic climate, the unexpected high cost of emergency dental treatment can be devastating to household finances that are already stretched thin.

In an effort to avoid financial ruin, some Canadian families who are without health and dental insurance are taking great risks to get the dental treatment they need without the steep costs. However, some of the methods they are choosing are instead steeped in ethical challenges and safety concerns.

Dental Care Underground

The notion of black market dentistry seems far-fetched, but it’s happening in Canada right now. Not long ago, an unlicensed dentist from Burnaby, British Columbia was arrested for performing dental surgery procedures in the bedroom of his home. His arrest was made while in Toronto to set up another location for his “clinic.” There is no way to know just how many of these clinics are operating off the books and without the safety precautions set out by the College of Dental Surgeons.

The circumstances that drive people to consider illegal underground dental care are clear. Dental care is not covered by provincial health care plans and 20-25% of Canadians do not have private health and dental insurance. The high cost of dental treatment represents a significant barrier to adequate care. It is unfortunate that people feel they are forced to compromise their personal safety to get access to dental health care when there are many government programs and private dental insurance plans available.

Certainty of Insurance

The unexpected costs of securing treatment for a dental emergency can be crippling to family finances in Canada. We all now understand that ongoing oral health care maintenance is an important part of taking care of ourselves. Regular trips to the dentist are the most effective way to prevent the need for emergency dental visits. For those who do not have health and dental insurance benefits from another source, the situation can seem bleak. They may not be aware of the multitude of options for private dental insurance.

With the help of a qualified insurance broker who understands that every family’s dental care and insurance needs are highly specialize, the process of finding the right dental coverage package can be a relatively painless one. Most dental plans offer basic coverage, while others provide comprehensive coverage. Some plans can even cover major services, though they may be subject to a reasonable waiting period. Dental insurance can provide the right coverage at the right price for your family’s needs.

Before taking the drastic step of doing something like risking a visit to an unlicensed dentist, make sure you’ve investigated all the options first. Consider the eminently more practical solution of purchasing health and dental insurance coverage that will allow you to visit a licensed, qualified dentist first!


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