The Future of Healthcare in Canada

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Technology is an amazing thing.Just a generation ago people would have thought you were crazy if you said one day you would use a device that fits in your pocket to talk to people all over the world, schedule your entire life, listen to music and order your dinner – all at the same time!

We tend to think of the way technology has changed our lives from a personal and business perspective because that has the greatest impact on the day-to-day. But technological advances have changed much more than our habits at home and work. New technology is also changing the way we administer healthcare and health and dental insurance in Canada.

Aging Population Necessitates More Efficient Services

Our population is aging, and a higher proportion of older citizens leads to increased demands on the healthcare system. In a country like Canada, where healthcare services are in large part paid for the provinces or territories we live in, we might not give much thought to the increased expenses associated with this heightened need for services.

While you might not spend a lot of time thinking about streamlining the way healthcare services are delivered, you can be sure that those responsible for administering these services do. Demand for services can’t necessarily be controlled, but with technological enhancements they can be delivered more efficiently.

How Technology Affects Healthcare

Though there is a higher percentage of Canadians over the age of 65, today’s seniors are also more tech-savvy than ever before. An active retiree who frequently forgets to take medication can get system-generated reminder calls right on their smartphone. When a patient’s supply of a drug is running low, a refill order can automatically be placed at the pharmacy.

This is good news, as an estimated 83 percent of 65-to-79 year olds are taking at least one prescription drug at any given time!

There’s no doubt that technological advances are helping Canadians live longer, healthier lives and these advances are also helping healthcare practitioners spend less time on the mechanics of patient care, and more time on the human elements.

Consider the implications of those in remote communities being able to interact with their doctor online, rather than travelling far from their home and their family for treatment. Think about the practicality of a multi-patient monitoring system that frees up healthcare resources for hands-on care, rather than filling out charts.

Insurance Companies Must Keep Up

Enhancements and efficiencies in healthcare must be met with increased efficiency from providers of health and dental insurance too. With shorter wait times and more effective prescription drug care management, insurance companies must make sure the approval and turnaround times for claims keep up with the new, faster pace.

To make sure your health and dental insurance is keeping up with technology-infused healthcare services, be sure to review your coverage needs with a licensed insurance broker today!


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