The High Cost of Going Without Dental Insurance

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In Canada, dental care is an expense that is not covered by the government health insurance programs. Those who have been fortunate enough to be covered by a health and dental insurance program may not have any idea how much a trip to the dentist can really cost. You’re handed the forms to sign at the end of a visit, but do you look closely at the figures?

When comparing the cost of dental insurance plans against the cost of paying for treatments out of pocket, it’s important to consider more than just a routine visit a couple of times a year. There’s more to dental care than a cleaning here and there! When making decision about your dental insurance needs, it’s important to make sure you’re comparing apples to apples.

Does Health and Dental Insurance Pay Off?

Depending on your age and where in the country you live, a trip to the dentist for a routine visit could cost anywhere from $80 to a few hundred dollars. Many people see this figure and think they’re better off just paying for dental visits on their own.

But wait! Is that all there is to it?

Remember, that’s just the cleaning and the checkup with the dentist. Dental x-rays, panoramic x-rays, fillings and sealants will all be over and above that figure. These are relatively minor procedures, but for a family of four or more they can quickly add up to something unmanageable. The costs for major services like bridges and crowns, are even higher, and you won’t be able to get insurance for them retroactively.

Important for Today, Even More Important for Tomorrow

Perhaps the most important consideration for those weighing the decision about whether or not they should purchase dental insurance is the need to plan for the future. A person just starting out in their career might not need to think about dentures, but that doesn’t mean that won’t be an issue later in life. The parents of a new baby who doesn’t even have teeth yet may not want to think about the cost of braces, but that won’t stop the child from needing them someday.

An Insurance Broker Can Help You Decide

Health and dental insurance can be complicated. You may think that you don’t need to worry about it today because you can always get it later if you need dental work that goes beyond the basics. What you may not know is that often, coverage for major services isn’t offered until you have been covered under a plan for two or more years. The waiting period for coverage for orthodontia (braces) can be even longer.

To help you understand your dental insurance coverage needs, now and in the future, your best bet is to work with an insurance broker. These licensed professionals work on your behalf to help you find the best coverage for your needs at the best rates.


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