The Real-Life Travel Insurance Visitors To Canada Claim Story You Need To Know

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Do you have visitors planning to come to Canada soon? Here’s a real-life claim story from TuGo that shows why it’s essential for your friends and family to have coverage when visiting Canada.

No traveller ever sets out to get sick or run into a medical emergency while visiting Canada. But the unexpected can happen at any time or any place. That’s why it’s important to understand how Visitors To Canada emergency medical travel insurance coverage helps in those cases.

Learn how TuGo covers Visitors To Canada with this real-life claim experience story you need to know.

Lingyun’s Travel Insurance Claim Experience*

Recently, Lingyun* discovered the benefits of TuGo’s Visitors to Canada Insurance for himself, when he experienced a medical emergency while staying with family.

46-year-old Lingyun was halfway through his trip visiting family in Ontario when he had a sudden onset of sharp, unrelenting abdominal pain. Concerned, his family took him to a local hospital. A CT scan revealed that he had multiple gallstones, some of which were trapped—and that emergency surgery was required.

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How travel insurance saved Lingyun over $18,000

Because Lingyun was a visitor to Canada, he would not have been covered for medical emergencies during his stay. Fortunately, his Canadian family convinced him to get travel insurance before arriving—saving him from being $18,000 out-of-pocket!

TuGo’s Visitors to Canada Emergency Medical Insurance included coverage for Lingyun’s emergency medical treatment and hospital care, doctor, ambulance, x-ray and diagnostic lab services, prescription medication and more—including 24/7 emergency assistance.

When Lingyun visited the doctor after his emergency medical treatment, he was entitled to five follow-up visits, as long as they took place within 14 days of his initial emergency medical treatment.

He had purchased his coverage before arriving in Canada, so there was no waiting period for any claims related to sickness (if he had bought coverage after he arrived in Canada, there would be a 48-hour waiting period for his coverage to be in effect).

Lingyun did not need to complete a Medical Health Questionnaire when he applied for coverage (but if he had been 60 years or older, he would have applied by answering a straight-forward 3-question Medical Health Questionnaire to determine the cost of his policy). He did get a special family rate for his coverage for his 45-year-old wife and their two young children travelling with them.

Want to learn more about Visitors to Canada travel insurance?

Accidents and illnesses do happen. It’s important for visitors to know that their medical insurance from their home country may not cover you for unexpected emergencies. In fact, the Government of Canada highly recommends that all visitors have a $100,000 minimum in travel insurance coverage, since Canadian medical care can be costly if you aren’t a resident.

Your visitors should arrive prepared for any unexpected mishaps or emergencies with travel insurance. Having travel insurance coverage will allows you and your visitors to relax and enjoy their trip, knowing coverage is in place in case of an unexpected emergency including:

Depending on their needs, emergency health insurance can be chosen for either single or family coverage. Every plan is different, but most plans will cover the basics, which are

  • Physician service fees
  • Hospitalization
  • X-rays and lab tests
  • Prescribed medication
  • Emergency dental services (relief of dental pain)

Read this blog for even more information.

If its time for your visitor to get coverage, call us

If you’re looking for Visitors To Canada coverage from TuGo, GMS, Destination Travel or Manulife call us at SBIS or go online. We will find the plan that is right for you and your family, and we offer additional coverage for your visitor with non-medical options like Trip Cancellation & Trip Interruption Insurance too.

Wherever you or your family and friends are headed, being prepared for unexpected situations, like accidents or medical emergencies, is crucial. That’s why—before you travel—covering yourself and/or your family with comprehensive travel insurance is the way to go.

* Based on actual claim with specific traveller details changed to protect privacy. 


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