Think you are hard to insure for health insurance?

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A Canadian citizen in good health has no problem securing a comprehensive health insurance product. But what about everyone else? What if your life hasn’t gone as planned every step of the way?

In many cases, people who are unfortunate enough to encounter health issues are penalized (or even refused) when it comes to purchasing insurance. A pre-existing health condition is one of the main reasons insurance can be refused. But, as anyone with a health condition knows, protecting against unexpected healthcare costs is vital.

Can you get health insurance?

Traditional health insurance can be harder to get for individuals who suffer with conditions like

  • diabetes
  • heart attack
  • stroke
  • depression
  • schizophrenia
  • bipolar disorder
  • history of cancer
  • rheumatoid arthritis
  • lupus

Canadians suffering with these types of conditions already have enough uncertainty in their lives. Waiting on medical test results and prognoses from doctors is as bad as it should get — these people shouldn’t have to wait days to hear that they’ve been refused for an insurance product they really need.

Good news: there are new insurance options

The good news is that today there are many new policies that allow individuals with those conditions to get the health insurance they need to cover unexpected costs. There are plan options that do not require a doctor’s visit, for you to meet with a nurse, or to wait for a medical report. And many have no medical testing requirements — you will not be poked or prodded.

Many new plans work with ‘yes’ or ‘no’ questions. If you’ve suffered with a certain condition within a period of time you answer ‘yes.’ If not, you answer ‘no,’ and move on. Some questions may ask for a few details about your health history.


After answering the application questions, you should know exactly what type of coverage you qualify for. You can get a clear and quick picture of the maximum coverage and the premium. Nothing should be left to the imagination, because you deserve to know right away.

It’s not just Canadians with health issues who may be hard to insure

If you are part of the millennial generation who enjoy ‘high risk’ sports and activities, you too can find it difficult to secure coverage. Quality of life and going out and having a good time (even if it involves extreme skiing or bungee jumping) can be really important to an individual. But in reality, even if you’re a bungee jumper and you’re 28 years old, chances are that you are ‘playing it safe’ and want the security of having the health insurance you need. But you may not want to jump through hoops to get the insurance you need, so new insurance options may help to take the risk out of taking care of your health.

Everyone deserves insurance coverage

Canadians deserve insurance coverage and products that provide people with options — and there are new options out there. It can be a game changer, especially if you think you are hard to insure.

Talk to us today

We understand that having the protection you need is important and finding coverage that fits you and your health history can be difficult. You can call one of our representatives for advice and guidance on your health insurance options and to talk about the cost; we’re sure to have a policy that matches your needs and budget.

Don’t feel left out in the cold without a health insurance plan. We are here to help, even if you think you or those you love are hard to insure. Give us a call today, and let’s talk.


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