Travel Insurance for Seniors

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Thanks to advances in medical care and the adoption of healthier habits, Canadians are living longer than ever. That leaves a significant amount of time to spend enjoying life as a retired person, and for many seniors that means a lot of travel. It's a fantastic time to see the world at your own pace, just make sure that you're covered medically while you're taking in the sights.

Pre-Existing Conditions

At any time in your life, travel medical insurance is a must. This is especially true when you are managing an ongoing health condition. It’s true that you may have fewer options for travel medical insurance when you have a pre-existing condition, and it may cost a bit more than someone without a pre-existing condition, but it’s even more important to make sure you’re covered. The last thing you want on a well-deserved trip abroad is to worry about how to pay for treatment in a medical emergency.

If you’re wondering if you should just keep the information about your prior diagnosis under your hat when filling out your insurance application, think again. Failure to disclose details about a pre-existing condition on your application form is a big no-no and may lead to your claim for medical treatment being declined. Your insurance provider can request copies of your medical records for the purposes of assessing your claim. The rule of thumb when it comes to disclosing medical information is if in doubt, tell it all.

Special Considerations for Snowbirds

If you own a home away from home in another country, there are additional considerations that may affect your existing travel insurance policy. Before you pack up and head away for a good portion of the year, check with your insurance provider to make sure you’re covered for the duration of your time out of the country. As they say, knowledge is power. Snowbirds may find an insurance broker can best help to arrange their travel insurance coverage. Your broker can help manage the complex process of choosing the right insurance coverage if you spend an extended amount of time out of the country every year. Insurance brokers can serve as your liaison with the insurance company if you need to file a claim.

The Bottom Line

The upfront cost of travel insurance may seem expensive, but that cost will often pale in comparison to the cost of treatment in another country. Something as simple as a broken bone or a respiratory infection can easily run up to $1,000 in a hospital outside of Canada. This also assumes yours is a condition that can be treated relatively quickly without a stay in the hospital. Extended hospital stays run up crippling bills very quickly. If your illness or injury requires a trip home and a commercial airline deems you too sick to travel, medical transports start at around $10,000.

You have worked hard for your entire life, and you deserve to reap great rewards for your efforts. With a little time spent planning for the right travel medical insurance, you can enjoy your time without worrying about how you will pay for a medical emergency.


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