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Travel Insurance

An insurance plan for every traveler

When you travel out of the country, or outside of your home province, many emergency medical expenses are not covered by provincial health insurance plans. Whether you take frequent trips to remote places all over the world, or you are a homebody planning your first trip to visit a relative out of the province, Special Benefits Insurance Services (SBIS) will help make sure your medical needs are covered in the event of an emergency.

With a wide range of Emergency Medical Travel Plan options, SBIS can help you secure the comprehensive coverage you need for worry-free travel.

Plan ahead for travel insurance

When getting ready to go on vacation, there is a lot to think about. Buying travel insurance online lets you take care of that important detail from the comfort of your own home, at any time of the day or night.

To take advantage of the convenience of buying travel insurance online, you will need to purchase insurance for the entire duration of your trip. Travel Insurance must be purchased before leaving your province/country.

If purchasing top-up coverage for an existing policy, please print out the application from one of our carriers below, and email/fax/mail it to our office for processing prior to departure.

Coverage options for different types of travel

If you enjoy frequent trips out of the country, from cross-border shopping trips that last a day to weeklong vacations for some fun in the sun, Multi-Trip insurance can cover you for all of your trips within the same twelve month period.

If you are the “one and done” type when it comes to travel, a Single trip travel insurance policy may be just what you need.

Top-Up Plan can help cover travel days that are over and above your existing annual plan at a daily rate.

Proud to work with carriers you can trust

SBIS is proud to partner with some of the most recognizable names in the emergency medical travel insurance industry. Comprehensive coverage at competitive rates is available from our travel insurance partners:

Protect yourself from the unexpected

Everybody knows that Canadians enjoy insurance coverage that is paid for by the government. However, that coverage does not follow you out of the country. In fact, in some cases, it doesn’t follow you out of your home province. When you are heading out on a well-deserved vacation, adequate travel insurance is the most valuable thing you can pack.

You and your loved ones can rest at ease knowing that your trip is covered. Packages are available for Emergency Medical coverage for every member of your family. You can also purchase All-Inclusive insurance coverage for Emergency Medical, Trip Cancellation and Interruption, Baggage Loss, Damage and Delay, and Flight and Travel Accidents. Also, for Canadians traveling within the country, insurance coverage is available at very competitive rates.

If you require any assistance at any time in the travel insurance purchase process, you may call us at 1-800-667-0429 during our regular business hours, or email us at [email protected] for prompt service at any time.