Travelling For Self-Care? Travel Insurance Takes Care Of You Too

Travelling For Self-Care? Travel Insurance Takes Care Of You Too
Are you ready to switch off and fully immerse yourself in a new place and culture? Get ready to take some special time to take care of yourself and to travel.

According to travel predictions for 2022, travel is going to become essential to our self-care. Is it surprising? During the pandemic, people were forced to make the most of what they had close to home. But think back. Remember when taking a trip and time away from work or home was ‘just what the doctor ordered’ to feel better mentally, physically, and emotionally? Well – that time has come again.

The number of people who feel like they need to make up for lost vacation time has grown from 42% to 63% since before the pandemic. With any and all travel plans being put on hold for too long, 2022 will be the year of simply saying yes, with 72% agreeing they’d say “yes” to any vacation so long as their budget allowed.

People value the opportunity to ‘switch off’ for wellness more than ever

Mindful meditation and yoga help about one in five Canadians in their wellness journeys. During the pandemic the number of online yoga students increased an amazing 91%.  As a solo pursuit, yoga excels. 

However, self-care isn’t always a solitary activity. Socializing with friends—especially in a new environment—can be both exciting and revitalizing, boosting your happiness levels and self-awareness. 

It has become more important to spend time with friends and family and discover new things far from home. Its time to travel. In fact, according to the study

  • 79% of travelers agree that travel helps their mental and emotional wellbeing more than other forms of self-care
  • 77% say that the simple pleasure of feeling the sun on their skin will improve their mood
  • 73% of travelers say vacation time will be strictly work-free in the future
  • 60% of travelers are looking forward to meeting new people while on vacation and the same number plan on using their next trip to explore new cultures and enjoy new places and experiences
  • 52% want their next trip to help them get away from the routine of home life and the daily grind at work
  • 50% of travelers hope for romance on their vacation
  • 40% hope their next trip allows them to spend time with friends and family, and to meet new people

After such a long stretch of sacrificing socializing, traveling, and fun, travelers will embrace a new, more positive way of thinking for 2022. 

Feeling good about travel and feeling well while travelling don’t always go hand in hand.

According to the research, 63% of travelers believe technology is important for controlling health risks when traveling, with 62% agreeing that technology helps to alleviate their travel anxiety. 

The fact is people would love the assurance that predicts which countries will be safe to visit months in advance. They would love to predict that they will be safe.

The problem is that no one is assured if their health will be good when they travel – unexpected illnesses and accidents and events do happen. So, what can people depend on?  Having travel insurance.

Emergency medical travel insurance 

Your provincial health coverage will only pay for very little—far from all—of the unexpected medical expenses you incur outside your province. Fees that aren’t covered in your province won’t be covered when you’re travelling outside the province or outside of Canada, either. Emergency medical travel insurance can help make certain that you won’t be stuck paying the difference for your healthcare while you are away from home – and won’t face thousands, or tens of thousands of dollars of out-of-pocket costs.

Trip cancellation insurance

75% of travelers find that the journey to a destination is more enjoyable when it feels like part of the trip itself. But, if you need to cancel your pre-booked, non-refundable trip due to unforeseen circumstances, this insurance helps refund your pre-paid non-refundable costs so that you don’t lose all of those dollars spent like this couple did

Baggage loss coverage

Its stressful to lose your baggage and personal effects or money, and this insurance protection helps with replacement costs and more.

Emergency medical travel insurance helps with self-care, even if the pandemic took a toll on your health

Health Toll

Travelling to feel better is great. When you’re travelling with a health condition, the last thing you want to worry about is whether or not you’ll be covered if you need emergency medical care.

If the pandemic took a toll on your health, you do have options. SBIS offers policies that may meet your needs if your health has changed. You may be eligible for the following travel medical insurance plans:


If your pre-existing condition does not meet traditional stability requirements, you may be eligible for TuGo Ultimate Trip Guard insurance that provides coverage for pre-existing medical conditions that were stable for a minimum of 7 days before your planned departure date (if it occurs in the week before you leave, you will not be covered).

Destination health travel plans (for ages up to 89)

The Reduced Stability Period option is available with Destination Travel Health Plans. You may qualify for 30-day, 90-day or 180-day reduced stability period for your pre-existing medical condition, depending on the plan you are eligible for based on your answers to medical questions on the application. Coverage for a pre-existing medical condition that has been stable within a reduced stability period is up limited to $150,000.

Manulife’s TravelEase® travel insurance (no age limit)

This plan offers coverage for many pre-existing conditions that other providers may not so you can access emergency medical care when you’re away from home. 

If you have unstable pre-existing medical issues or you have been denied coverage, you may be eligible for Manulife’s individual medical underwriting plan. It is emergency medical insurance that covers fully disclosed pre-existing conditions without stability requirements. The cost of your insurance is based on your own specific health situation. You must declare ALL medical conditions including any that have been diagnosed in the last 5 years, you have received treatment for or taken medication for. If you meet the eligibility requirements all your declared conditions will be covered during the trip.

Say YES to travel and to taking care of yourself with travel insurance

If you are ready to make travel self-care as a priority rather than a luxury, now is the time to purchase your travel insurance so you are well-equipped to handle any of life’s inevitable challenges. You can rest at ease knowing that you can call us at 1-800-667-0429 during our regular business hours or email us at [email protected] for guidance and assistance in getting the coverage you need.


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