Travelling Santas Need Travel Insurance!

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Getting together with friends and family afar over the holiday season? Whether out of province or out of the country, you need travel insurance.

We don’t know if Santa carries a travel insurance policy, but here is what he should be packing into his sack, because it can be risky out there whether you are travelling by sleigh or flying over the rooftops! (check out just where Santa is at the NORAD Santa Tracker site).

So Santa, if you are listening, consider this!

Think of the risks and costs you are facing!

What if you fall off a roof? A slip and fall accident from any height (or even on a sidewalk) can call for emergency medical care. Susie’s doggy may not be as friendly as you think, and a nip at more than your heels could mean you’ll need stitches. And don’t forget all those cookies and the milk — remember how your stomach feels afterward? It really might be food poisoning that needs medical attention.

Here are just of few of the fees you may need to pay out of pocket if you have an accident or get sick:

  • Medical Transportation
    That’s right — the reindeer may not be able to transport you and ambulances can be costly! And remember, air evacuations are not covered, and neither is the cost of bringing you back home by ground. That means if you need to go home to take advantage of a service or drug that is not available where you are visiting, flying home via air ambulance could cost you thousands of dollars.
  • Hospitalization Costs
    If you crash land in the hospital, you will have to pay out of pocket for private or semi-private hospital room costs, X-rays or other medical imaging services, or rental of crutches. Ouch!
  • Prescription Drug and Dental Care Costs
    Something as simple as emergency allergy attention or a dental emergency can mean hundreds or thousands of dollars in costs you will have to pay.

Here is how Travel Medical Insurance reduces your risk

Travel insurance can provide emergency medical coverage up to $10 million for:

  • Hospital and physician services
  • Paramedical services
  • Ambulance transportation
  • Emergency dental treatment
  • Preparation and return of remains
  • Emergency air transportation home
  • Visit to bedside if travelling alone
  • Return of children in the care of the insured
  • Return of travel companion
  • Additional meals and hotel
  • Return home of vehicle
  • Hospital allowance
  • Child care
  • Return of excess baggage
  • Phone call expenses
  • Pet return*

*Sorry Santa. Reindeer don’t qualify as pets!

And what if you lose your bags?

Naughty or nice, you can’t let those children down who have made their lists and are eager to wake up to presents tucked into their stockings!

With all-inclusive travel coverage, you are covered not only for medical travel emergencies, but baggage loss, damage, and delay, including replacement of a lost or stolen passport or driver’s license. (Do you carry those?)

(While we know it won’t happen to Santa, flight or travel accidents causing death or dismemberment are covered by all-inclusive travel insurance, too. And you can count on Trip Cancellation and Trip Interruption protection for an unexpected medical emergency or death of the insured or the insured’s travel companion, or immediate family member.)

We know you don’t carry too much cash, Santa…

That’s why your travel insurance helps by coordinating payment directly with a medical facility — and you won’t have to worry about weeks (or months!) of financial stress before being reimbursed by your provincial government.

With travel insurance, you have 24/7 emergency assistance. When you’re away from home and something unexpected happens, your comforting, friendly emergency assistance team is available to answer your call for help.

Need help purchasing a Travel Plan?

Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or don’t observe the holidays at all, if you are taking a trip across the country or to far reaches of the world, be sure to include purchasing travel insurance on your to-do list. You don’t want to get stranded health-wise. Everyone should have a plan when they travel (even Santa Claus!). At SBIS, we would love to help you find your plan, so call us today.



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