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TuGo® Travel Insurance

TuGo® Travel Insurance

TuGo Travel Insurance is the perfect travel partner. It protects you and your loved ones outside of your home province. TuGo Travel Insurance lets you travel with confidence, protecting you against the out-of-pocket costs of medical emergencies, delays, theft and last-minute plan changes.

TuGo isn’t just any Canadian travel insurance provider. For over 55 years, TuGo has been an innovator in the travel medical insurance business. They specialize exclusively in insurance and assistance for travel’s ups and downs. Their dedication to travellers has made them one of Canada’s top travel insurance providers and one of “Canada’s Best Managed Companies.”

TuGo understands your needs and is passionate about helping you have better experiences, providing top-rated claims assistance and customer service. TuGo products and services are easy to use and go beyond financial protection. TuGo promises to help however they can when things go wrong or when you just want some helpful advice — and they deliver what you need when you need it.

About TuGo Travel Coverage

Are you a Canadian resident? You rely on your provincial or territorial health insurance plans to cover healthcare expenses. But if you’re heading to a tropical beach, cross-border shopping or visiting family or friends in another province or country — your government healthcare plan won’t provide you with that same protection, leaving you to deal with out of pocket healthcare costs.

TuGo Traveller products let you enjoy your trip knowing you are travelling protected. At SBIS, we make it easy; click the links below to find the coverage that’s right for you.

And if you have trouble getting insurance, our specialty TuGo Quest product may be right for you. Call us at SBIS for all your travel needs. We’re here to help.

TuGo Emergency Medical Travel Products

  • TuGo Traveller Emergency Medical Insurance (single trip and annual multi-trip):

No one ever plans to need medical care while away, but if you do experience a misadventure on your trip, Emergency Medical Insurance covers hospital and doctors’ fees, prescriptions, emergency dental care, and even the return of an accompanying pet.

TuGo will deal with the details so you don’t have to, and they’ll coordinate the best possible medical care so you can travel confidently. Choose worldwide coverage or a plan for travelling within Canada, for a single trip or annual coverage.

Additional Travel Insurance Options

  • Visitors to Canada / Returning Canadians PlanAre you taking a quick tour, visiting family or friends, or waiting for your provincial healthcare plan to take effect? Canada has a great healthcare system but if you’re not a resident, you won’t be covered — and medical costs (including dental care) can be expensive. The Canadian government recommends all visitors buy health coverage before exploring Canada.
  • Student Emergency Medical Travel Insurance (Inbound or Outbound)Are you a Canadian student planning to study abroad or an international student studying in Canada? Getting sick or injured away from the comforts of home can be especially stressful, so you’ll want to know you’re taken care of. At TuGo, we’ll make sure you get the best possible medical care so you can concentrate on what matters most, like getting your assignments in on time and making new friends!

  • Trip Cancellation, Interruption & Baggage Loss (single and annual multi-trip)Life is full of surprises and so is travel! You can’t predict a natural disaster, job loss or the death of a family member or friend. When an unexpected event prevents you from travelling, Trip Cancellation & Trip Interruption plans reimburse travel costs if your trip is cancelled before you leave, or disrupted after it has begun. Perfect for Canadian residents or visitors to Canada who want to feel confident that their trip’s covered despite life’s surprises. Trip Cancellation & Trip Interruption is available as a Single or Multi-Trip policy. It can be purchased as a stand-alone plan or as part of a package, or choose the Trip Interruption only plan. Renting a car? You can add Car Rental protection if your rented or leased vehicle is damaged. Worried about losing your baggage? You can add coverage if your personal effects are damaged or stolen while you are on your trip.

  • High-Risk Sports CoverageLove living life to the limit? Coverage is available for sports enthusiasts like you, who live for a thrill! TuGo will cover you for sickness or accidents when you travel and participate or compete in a wide range of contact, adventure and extreme sports.

Ready TuGo?

Discover TuGo travel insurance today and get the travel assistance you need with myTuGo!

  • Access Policies: You will see all of your policies all in one place
  • Claims: You can open a claim online, download claim forms, and check your claim’s status
  • Find Assistance: Find local clinics and hospitals easily using Clinic Finder.

If you are a Canadian traveller going abroad or to another province, someone visiting Canada or a student planning to study here for a term or longer, Special Benefits Insurance Services and TuGo can work with you to bring you peace of mind with the emergency travel medical coverage you need.

Contact us to get started on a no-obligation quote for travel insurance.

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Thank you Kasia for your diligence in notifying me upon approval of my application. I will as stated, out of courtesy, notify Great West Life, that I will not be proceeding with the application with them. I am pleased, as Green Shield was my first choice.


I’ve had the very real pleasure of working with the good people at Special Benefit Insurance Services (SBIS) for almost 2 decades. Their professionalism and commitment to high service standards, makes all the difference, when it comes to helping our mutual clients to be, simply and consistently, “very happy” customers.

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Thank you for your help and for sending me the policy. Please feel free to forward my response to your supervisor. I appreciate that you understood my requirements, did the research quickly, and responded promptly and always in a courteous and friendly manner.

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Just a quick note to say “thanks” for your help this morning. It certainly is nice to deal with such a professional company. You were super!!!!


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