What Travel Documents Do You Need?

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Did you know you should always take your travel insurance documents with you on your trip? Do you know why? Some destinations require proof that you have insurance. Or, you just might  need the plan certificate if an emergency happens while you’re gone!

If something happens, you’ll want to call your travel assistance services hotline. While you can certainly carry just the hotline phone number and policy number (usually on your handy wallet card) you may need to verify what you plan covers. The best way to do that is to review your plan certificate.

Taking along all of the travel insurance documents in paper form can be bulky (imagine adding that to your belongings on your backpacking adventure!).

Here is a hack that is very useful.

Travel with Digital Copies

An easy way to travel with your documents is to take a picture of it!  You can pack and port your digital documents easily on your cell phone with these easy steps:

  • take out your documents and cell phone
  • snap a picture of every page of the documents
  • save the images as ‘locked’ image files
  • upload them to the cloud.

Now you have your travel documents safely stored and you can access them on any of your electronic gadgets – like your tablet, laptop, and even your Apple Watch.

And by saving the images to the cloud, you can be certain that if your phone is lost or stolen, you can still access your pictures – and that can save the day.

Not familiar with using the cloud? You can email the pictures to yourself and keep a copy of it in your e-mail account. Remember, your email is password protected for your security.

Of course, it’s important to password-protect all of your electronic devices, including hand-held devices and laptops. Otherwise, a thief can easily access the information you have scanned for safekeeping.


If you don’t take the pictures, don’t forget the printed copies

If you are going to print and carry your travel insurance documents with you, you will want to make two copies of these documents. Keep one on your person, and put one in your suitcase.

This helps ensure that you have the information you need, should your luggage be delayed, or worse.

Alternatively, if your carry-on or purse is stolen, you’ll still have another copy in your suitcase.

And it makes sense for everyone (digital or not!) to carry the travel assistance card provided with your policy documents. The card shows the numbers to call to reach the assistance service, extend your coverage, or ask a question.

One more important tip!

While you are taking care of your travel health insurance information you can easily take care of other important info like

  • a copy of your driver’s license
  • health insurance card
  • passport (if traveling abroad)
  • Nexus card
  • travel visa (if needed)
  • birth certificate for children under age 16 accompanying you
  • letter of permission with parental contact information of children accompanying you.

Make sure a friend or family member has copies too! In an emergency you can call them for the information, or if your stuff is stolen while traveling, you will have the information you need to lock down your credit and start the process of obtaining new documents.

Don’t travel without your insurance

For so many reasons, travel medical insurance is a vital part of any travel plan. Every time you are planning a trip, call us. We’re happy to make it easy to get the plan that is right for you.


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