When Should I Buy My Health Insurance?

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Even if you're completely healthy, it's a good idea to have a health plan. In fact, your good health is all the more reason to apply for a health insurance plan now.

You know it’s important to take care of your health. That’s why you exercise and eat healthy and make sure you get a solid night’s sleep. Nothing is going to stop you from walking, running, dancing, biking, skiing, and maybe even zumba or cross-fit.

The problem is we all know life can change in the blink of an eye. You can’t control fate, and sometimes your luck runs out.

Your good health today is your good fortune — but people get sick, or hurt.

When that happens, did you know there are some services your government health insurance plan only partially covers or doesn’t cover at all?  Maybe you’ve even depended on a workplace health benefit program to help pay the costs of:

  • Eyeglasses and contact lenses
  • Dental work
  • Elective medical services like massage therapy or chiropractic care
  • Semi-private or private hospital rooms
  • Prescription drugs provided outside of hospitals like antibiotics or painkillers
  • And more…

Just like your good health, your protection through workplace health benefits will change (or disappear). Unemployment, self-employment, and retirement are just some of the shifts as we go through life.

So when should you buy health insurance?

You’d be smart to purchase the best health insurance plan available now while you are physically and financially healthy. The benefits you want may not be available if your health changes in the future.

If conditions like high blood pressure or diabetes run in your family or you are just getting older, you should face the facts. As you get older, getting health insurance will get harder as time passes by. Why? Age means there’s more risk of you will have a physical condition that may requires prescription drugs, and once you begin your treatment for a pre-existing condition, that treatment likely won’t be covered by health insurance you apply for after.

Pre-existing conditions are conditions that exist before you apply for your health insurance. It could be anything from high blood pressure to past instances of cancer.

You never know what may happen with your health. But you need to know that your health insurance options will be much more limited when you have a pre-existing condition than if you apply when you are healthy without one.

And what health insurance should you buy?

To pay for medical needs and dental care that your government plan doesn’t cover, you want to purchase supplementary health insurance, also known as individual health insurance, or private health insurance.

If you are considering supplementary health or dental insurance do your research.

When it comes to guaranteed insurance, you will get coverage any time but it may not offer the same options or maximums for coverage.

There are strategies to help you succeed.

  • Coordinate your benefit coverage with your partners plan to cover 100% of your health expense and to reduce your out of pocket costs
  • Read your policy carefully to understand the expenses you are expected to cover yourself and which policy will pay first

Need more help? Read this great SBIS article How To Buy Health Insurance  or How Affordable Is Health Insurance to get grounded in everything you should know.

Don’t miss out on getting the health insurance you want

If you are healthy you may feel there is no rush to buy health insurance now, and you’ve got time to weigh the pros and cons.  But, don’t be fooled – there is no better time to make your decision than right now.

We all know that fate happens, especially the longer we wait. If an unexpected illness or serious accident is in your future, you need to be ready to manage the healthcare costs associated with it. Remember, you may not qualify for the type of coverage you want when you have a pre-existing condition.

Go online or call SBIS today. Let one of our knowledgeable representatives help you with your health insurance needs. Contact us for answers to any questions you may have or for a free information package that includes an application, benefit details and rates.


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