Who Needs Health Insurance?

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Buying health insurance is right for just about anyone in Canada who wants the financial security that broader coverage provides. Here’s what you need to know.

Canada provides health insurance to all its residents, but your provincial plan covers only a handful of services and leaves many gaps in your healthcare coverage. Without additional insurance, you are left to pay for any services not covered by the government plan. Supplemental health insurance can help fill the gaps.

Have you ever wondered if purchasing an individual insurance plan is right for you and your family? It may be, especially if you are

A Canadian Resident who wants broader coverage

Anyone who wants more comprehensive coverage should consider purchasing their own health insurance plan. Supplemental insurance picks up where the provincial insurance plans leave off, covering a broader range of products and services than the government plans, including

  • Prescription drugs
  • Dental care
  • Treatment by a specialist (psychologist, chiropractor, acupuncturist, etc.)
  • Transportation to the hospital
  • Home healthcare
  • Travel Insurance
  • Much more

Anyone Who Wants Peace of Mind

Does the thought of high out-of-pocket healthcare costs keep you up at night? A health insurance plan can provide peace of mind. Because your government plan only covers certain services, you are responsible for paying for any treatment or expenses not covered — and that can really add up. Individual health insurance not only offers more comprehensive coverage, but also the financial security you need to protect your bottom line.

With supplemental coverage, your out-of-pocket medical expenses are reduced and it can work with your employer group plan to increase amounts covered. You don’t have to worry about whether you can afford the necessary care if you experience an unexpected illness or injury. However, it’s critical to get the protection you need now. If you wait until you are sick or hurt to purchase, you may not qualify for the coverage you need.

Still don’t think you need coverage? Consider this.

Check this Government of Canada website on Health Insurance for tips on assessing your needs.

Still not convinced? If you’re in good health and rarely go to the doctor, you may think you don’t need coverage and that health insurance premiums are a waste of money. However, an unexpected serious health event can happen. If your funds happen to be limited you may be tempted to forego medications, treatments and therapies that could support and speed your recovery — and that, in turn could impact your earning ability. Health insurance is good preparation for tomorrow’s possibilities today.

Where Can I Buy Health Insurance?

Anyone who needs health insurance can either contact the insurance carrier directly or work with a broker to get the coverage they need.

A carrier can provide information about the plans you qualify for and answer any questions you have about coverage, price, the application process, and more. However, some carriers don’t sell directly to the public, and they can only sell you the plans they offer.

If you want a greater selection of plans to choose from, work with a broker like SBIS. Brokers have access to a variety of plans from multiple providers. They also have access to plans from carriers that don’t sell directly to the public. And that’s not all.  A broker works as your advocate to help resolve any problems with claims or administration of your coverage.

How do I Choose the Plan That’s Right for Me? Call SBIS.

It can be difficult for anyone who needs health insurance to navigate the buying process to find the plan that’s right for them. Speaking with us at SBIS can help simplify matters. We can give you information about plans to fit your needs and budget, and answer your questions about buying insurance.


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