Who Needs to Purchase Dental Insurance?

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Although Canada provides health insurance to all of its residents, the provincial plans do not cover dental expenses for many people.  Most residents who want dental insurance have to purchase a separate policy to get the coverage they need.  Without it, they are left to pay for dental expenses out of their own pockets.

A Canada dental insurance plan can give you and your family access to the care you need when you need it and protect your finances.  If you’re wondering whether buying a plan is right for you, here’s what you need to know about who should purchase dental insurance.

Canadian Residents Who Want to Prevent Dental Problems

Routine dental care is critical to maintaining good oral health as well as good overall health.  Dental problems such as gingivitis and tooth decay have been linked to larger health issues such as heart disease and diabetes.  Without regular trips to the dentist, small dental problems that can be easily fixed may quickly turn into large problems that require expensive treatment.

The Canadian Dental Association recommends seeing a dentist regularly for routine cleanings and preventative treatment to maintain a happy and healthy smile for life.  When you purchase dental insurance, you can get the routine dental care you need to help prevent problems and treat those that do occur.

Anyone Who Wants to Minimize Expenses

Dental care can be expensive without adequate insurance coverage.  The average cost of a routine cleaning is approximately $150-$200.  More extensive treatments, such as root canals and dentures cost even more.  These costs can quickly add up if you don’t have insurance.  Because dental insurance pays a portion of the cost associated with treatment you receive, a Canada dental insurance plan can help offset the cost of getting the care you need.  The right plan can provide peace of mind and the financial protection you need by reducing your out-of-pocket expenses.

Individuals Who Want Adequate Coverage

When you decide to purchase dental insurance, there are a variety of plans on the market that provide varying levels of coverage, so you can select the one that’s right for you.  Dental insurance pays for four basic types of services, including basic, comprehensive basic, major and orthodontic treatment.

Basic treatments include exams, cleanings, XRays, etc.  Comprehensive basic services include periodontal treatment, root canals, denture cleanings and more.  Major services include crowns, bridges, dentures and more.  But you are usually required to have the policy for several years before you’re eligible for major services.  Orthodontic treatment includes therapy used to straighten your teeth such as braces.

It’s important to choose a plan that provides the right level of coverage based on your personal circumstances.  If you need help selecting the plan that’s right for you, a customer service representative can work with you to assess your needs and review the policy options with you, so you can purchase dental insurance that meets your needs.


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